Ever been at crossroads on how to get guests for your podcast? Well, those crossroads are over! 


Pretty simple. The seemingly complex process on how to get guests for your podcast will be simplified here in eight strategies. 

How To Get Guests For Your Podcast

The success of your podcast, to a large extent, is hinged on your guests. Finding these guests aren’t uphill tasks if you have a strategy in place. Thankfully, this post has no other objective than to achieve that for you. 

Without further ado, let’s delve right into the meat of this piece. 

These are the eight ways on how you can get guests for your podcast:

Look Inwards 

Naturally, at the instant of a podcast idea, most people quickly set their eyes outwards prying for guests. But that’s counterproductive especially if you’re just starting. Look inwards; your internal network will undoubtedly have some excellent prospects that you can contact to set things in motion. Getting your foot on the door of the podcast and launching out to fish for guests will be tough on you. Your network will only make things easier. 

Plus when you start interviewing people you already know it will help to ease the uncomfortableness you’ll encounter during your first few interviews.

Venture Out 

When you’ve set things in motion with your close connections which include; friends and relatives, it’s time to go out. But where you ask?  – conferences, social events, high profile hangouts, and networking events. Look through Meetup to see if you can find any events that interest you. These environments can trigger a connection, and your next podcast guest is booked. It’s time to put on your social hat and get to work. 

When you’re at these events and hit it off with someone, ask them if they’d like to be a guest on your podcast.

Get Social 

Becoming a social butterfly and pitching friendly is a viable strategy on how to get guests for your podcast. However, you have to be selective. Look out for the professionals in your niche and engage them in exciting conversations that lead to an exchange of contacts. You could share a flight, train, bus or a table at the restaurant with them. Seize the opportunity. Engage them responsibly and make your sales pitch. Your potentials with this strategy are boundless. Again, it’s time to brush up your social skills.

Cold Email Them

Let’s say you are found wanting in the social department; you can be a genius here. However, this strategy can be employed by social butterflies as well. Cold emailing might seem like a long shot, consistency can guarantee results in the long run. Send a cold email to the professionals in your niche and pitch them. Let them know it will be a privilege to have them as guests on your podcast.

To start, provide details of the nature of your podcast. Include your would-be highlights and what you intend to achieve. Appraise their works in a positive light and let them know how big of a fan you are. Not everyone will respond pronto or even later. Keep going at it, and you’ll surely get the guests you seek. 

Create a dream list of 50 or even 100 potential guests and reach out to them. You’ll be surprised how many of them say ‘yes!’

Utilize Social Media

Social media connects the world. How to get guests for your podcast will be pretty easy if you deploy it adequately. For starters, you can become friends with your potential guests on LinkedIn and Instagram. Like their posts often and comment intelligently. This way, they start to associate you with positive things. When you finally message them, you would have laid the foundation for a smooth relationship. 

Join Groups Online 

Still on the social media strategy on how to get guests for your podcast, become a member of groups where you can find like minds. That way, you can find guests who will be willing to indulge you for an interview. Like minds attract because people are naturally inclined to love people who like what they like. These groups can be on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform where grouping is possible. 


Joining a mastermind gives you access to individuals in your niche, whether virtual or in person. This access can settle your next search for guest in your podcast. Membership can be expensive, cheap or even free. In the end, it’s a worthy investment if you go for the expensive option; it has higher chances of you meeting professionals in your field. 

Mutual Friendship Referrals

This strategy works like a charm. 


You look up the friend list of your guest and see if you can find mutual friends. When you do, you contact the said mutual friend and ask him/her for an introduction. When the mutual friend introduces you to your potential guest and project you in a positive direction, the whole process becomes easier. 

Even better is when you have a podcast guest and at the end of the interview, ask them if they know of anyone who would be a fit for the show.


A strategy is paramount to achieving success in any field. Applying these few could expose you to even brighter ideas. 

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