Podcast guesting is the act of appearing as a guest on a podcast to share your knowledge, expertise, and experiences with the show’s audience. It is an excellent way to build your brand, establish yourself as an authority in your field, and connect with your target audience. As a real estate investor, podcast guesting can help you in several ways:

  1. Increased visibility: Appearing on a podcast allows you to reach a wider audience that may not be familiar with you or your work. It helps you to build brand awareness and get your message in front of more people.
  2. Establishing credibility: Podcast guesting allows you to showcase your expertise and share your experiences with others. It helps you to establish yourself as a credible authority in your field.
  3. Networking opportunities: Appearing on a podcast allows you to connect with the host and other guests, which can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.

The Benefits of Podcast Guesting for Real Estate Investors

Podcast guesting offers several benefits to real estate investors. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

  1. Increased exposure: By appearing on a podcast, you can reach a wider audience and increase your exposure to potential clients, partners, and investors.
  2. Improved credibility: By sharing your expertise and knowledge on a podcast, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field and build trust with your audience.
  3. Networking opportunities: Podcast guesting provides you with the opportunity to connect with other real estate investors, influencers, and industry experts, which can lead to new business opportunities and collaborations.
  4. Increased traffic and leads: By promoting your podcast appearance, you can drive more traffic to your website or social media profiles, which can result in new leads and potential clients.

Understanding Your Target Audience and Finding Relevant Podcasts

The first step in finding podcast guesting opportunities is to understand your target audience and the podcasts they listen to. Research the types of podcasts that cover topics related to real estate investing, such as property management, real estate marketing, and investment strategies.

You can use tools like iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts to search for podcasts related to your niche. You can also search for industry-specific podcasts on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

When researching podcasts, pay attention to the following:

  1. Relevance: Make sure the podcast’s topic aligns with your area of expertise and the message you want to convey.
  2. Audience size: Look for podcasts with a sizable audience that aligns with your target market.
  3. Engagement: Check the podcast’s engagement metrics, such as the number of downloads, comments, and reviews. This can give you an idea of the show’s popularity and how engaged the audience is.

Reaching Out to Podcast Hosts and Pitching Yourself as a Guest

Once you have identified relevant podcasts, the next step is to pitch yourself as a guest to the podcast host. Here are some tips on how to craft a compelling pitch:

  1. Personalize your pitch: Address the host by name and mention specific episodes or topics that you enjoyed.
  2. Highlight your expertise: Explain why you would be a great guest and how your expertise can benefit the show’s audience.
  3. Provide value: Offer to share valuable insights, strategies, and tips that the audience can immediately apply to their lives or businesses.
  4. Keep it concise: Keep your pitch short and to the point, highlighting your key selling points.

Preparing for Your Podcast Appearance

Preparing for your podcast appearance is crucial to ensuring that you deliver a valuable and engaging experience for the audience. Here are some tips on how to prepare:

  1. Research the host and audience: Get to know the host and their audience, so you can tailor your message to their interests and needs.
  2. Prepare your talking points: Create a list of talking points that align with the podcast’s topic and audience.
  3. Practice: Practice your talking points and get comfortable speaking about your topic.
  4. Prepare your equipment: Ensure that you have a reliable microphone, headphones, and a quiet space to record your interview.

Promoting Your Podcast Appearance

Once your podcast episode is live, it’s essential to promote it to maximize its impact. Here are some tips on how to promote your podcast appearance:

  1. Share on social media: Share the episode on your social media platforms, tag the host, and use relevant hashtags.
  2. Email your list: Send an email to your email list, promoting the episode and encouraging your subscribers to listen.
  3. Add to your website: Add a link to the episode on your website, so visitors can easily access it.
  4. Thank the host: Send a personalized thank-you note to the host, expressing your gratitude for the opportunity.

Tracking Your Podcast Guesting Success

Tracking your podcast guesting success is essential to understand the impact of your podcast appearances. Here are some metrics to track:

  1. Downloads: Track the number of downloads for each episode you appear on.
  2. Social media engagement: Track the engagement on your social media posts promoting the episode.
  3. Website traffic: Track the traffic to your website or landing page after promoting the podcast episode.

Podcast Booking Agency Podcasting You – Tool to Help You Find Podcast Guesting Opportunities

If you’re struggling to find podcast guesting opportunities, consider working with a podcast booking agency like Podcasting You. Podcasting You connect podcast guests with relevant shows and takes care of the booking process, so you can focus on delivering a great interview.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Podcast Guesting Opportunities

When seeking podcast guesting opportunities, there are several common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not researching the podcast: Don’t pitch yourself to a podcast without researching the host and their audience.
  2. Pitching irrelevant topics: Make sure your pitch aligns with the podcast’s topic and audience.
  3. Not preparing for the interview: Don’t show up to the interview unprepared. Make sure you have talking points and are comfortable speaking about your topic.


Podcast guesting is an excellent way for real estate investors to build their brand, establish credibility, and connect with their target audience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can find podcast guesting opportunities that align with your expertise and message. Remember to prepare adequately for your podcast appearance, promote it afterward, and track your success. With these strategies in place, you can unlock the secrets of podcast guesting and take your real estate investing business to the next level.

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