Podcast statistics estimate that 32% of people in the U.S. listen to podcasts once in a month. With this stat, you have an impressive audience, and knowing how to be a guest 0n a podcast isn’t enough, you have to be an excellent podcast guest for the audience to resonate with you. You have to knock yourself out at it. You want people to relish the refreshing times when they listened to you as an excellent podcast guest.

This begs the big question: How? 

Here are 11 Excellent Ways To Be An Excellent Podcast Guest

Before the podcast, do the following:

Get Acquainted 

After you’ve been contacted to be a guest, find time to familiarize yourself with previous podcasts and that of your host. Study the status quo and the routine questions of your host. This will come in handy, take my word for it. You don’t want to show up for an interview unprepared. Remember, an excellent podcast guest always comes prepared for their interview.

“Part of Success is Preparation on Purpose”

Jim Rohn

Take Notes 

While studying the patterns of the podcasts, note the consistencies. Note how the host hurled in questions that almost threw guests off the path. Note how the podcast starts and how it ends. Note everything you find noteworthy and prepare yourself in advance in the event of any repetition. 

Prepare Your Points Ahead 

This will help you go fluid during the podcast. At the risk of sounding like you’re acting out a script, it’s better than having to pause and think of the appropriate answer. It is better than stuttering or sounding passive. However, try to sound natural, that’s the essence of the fluidity, and that leads us to the next point. 

Master Your Points

To show that you are an authority in your niche, which is expected of you, you need to be fully prepared. Master your points if you have to. Write them out and study them. Internalize them and let them flow out of you spontaneously when it’s time. By mastering your points you’ll be able to come off sounding like an excellent podcast guest.

Offer To Supply The Questions 

This is a grand strategy on how to be a guest in a podcast and knock off the socks of your audience. Offer to provide the questions. Most hosts will gladly accept this offer since it makes their job easier. If they decline, then work together with them in providing the questions. 

Prepare Stories To Tell 

Sometimes the stories could come off spontaneously, nevertheless, prepare and keep them in handy. Stories make podcasts enjoyable. People connect and learn better with the realities of your stories more than your box of ideas. 

Get Hydrated

Before the interview, take a glass of water to stay hydrated. Avoid coffee and milk before the podcast interview. Staying hydrated will keep you fresh and your voice sharper. Also hold a bottle of water during your interview in case you need to hydrate again. 

During the Podcast,

Sound Informal and Laid-back

Sounding informal here doesn’t endorse you to go off the books. It only allows you to relate better with your audience in a conversational tone. Calm your nerves 60 seconds to kickoff by taking ten deep breaths and letting them out freely. Try to enjoy yourself and not sound like you’re tensed. 

Be vulnerable, this allows the audience to relate better to yourself.

Take a Break if you Have to 

If you, however, notice you’re still tensed up and going off track, take a glass of water, five deep breaths, and start all over. You will perform better afterward. When take a moment to pause, you’re able to collect your thoughts and move forward.

Avoid Verbosity

You would want to keep your answers directly to the point and forget beating bushes. Time is of the essence in podcasts, and as a guest, if you don’t utilize that time, you might not impress your audience as much as you want. So cut to the chase, hit the hammer on the head, and move on to the next. 

While you can explain your thoughts or take the audience through a story, you don’t want to spend more than three minutes talking.

Give Facts Where Necessary

If you want to make your guest appearance the talk of the town, go with hard facts. Now that you are equipped with these facts, drop them like bombshells where they are needed and awe your audience; host inclusive. Generic podcasts are getting boring, people need to be wowed, and you don’t have to lie to bring this element of surprise. You are giving facts, not myths and legends. 


Since you are aware of how to be a guest in a podcast and make it great, the ball is in your court. Deploy these strategies and have a field day as an excellent podcast guest.

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