A real estate podcast helps keep one informed, motivated, and educated, especially in the digital marketing for real estate business. Real estate podcasts focusing on business ideas and marketing are educational and effective content. 

Drawing interest from an audience aged 25 to 54 years old, the industry is growing rapidly. Since 2008, the monthly podcast has been showing steady growth. As a result, there are plenty of podcasts for brokers, agents, prospective homeowners, and investors in digital marketing for the real estate business. The question is, how are you going to choose the real estate podcast fitting within your interests?

There is no such requirement of being a tech expert for plugging in and listening. If you have a pair of headphones and Wi-Fi, it means you are ready to go. Desktop, smartphone, tablet, or laptop- you can listen to podcasts from a wide variety of devices. 

You can also consider making your podcast after listening to a few of them. Digital marketing for real estate business is one of the basic tactics in promoting podcasts. 

Searching for a podcast is not difficult; if you are new to real estate, you would be overwhelmed by the choices made. However, considering popularity, production quality, and content, we have scoured the internet to find the best real estate podcasts for your merchandise. 

Here is a list of some leading podcasts that might be effective for your merchandise.

Tom ferry 
Host: Tom Ferry

Topics: Marketing & Business podcast for real estate agents

He is one of the hands-down top real estate podcast experts in the business world. As a keynote speaker in demand, he is one of the best-selling authors and the number one real estate educator. 

Tom’s show has been growing since 2015, showing realtors the best possible solutions for marketing their merchandise to 21st prospects. With an experience of 30 years in the industry, you would never want to ignore Tom’s savvy marketing insights. 

Bare Naked Agent
Host: Pat Hiban

Topics: Residential properties, marketing for agents, and sales

Pat Hiban is one of the bestselling authors of the NY Times and hosts his podcasts providing the real estate community with a quorum of Questions and Answers for delving into real estate issues. In addition, he is an expert in marketing and sales tips for agents. Real Estate Rockers is another show that frequently interviews the top performances in the real estate world. 

Best Real Estate Investing Advice with Joe Fairless
Host: Joe Fairless

Topics: agents, business, and commercial properties

If you are looking for the best commercial real estate investing advice, without thinking, opt for Joe Fairless’s podcasts, blogs, and YouTube videos regularly. He comes live on Facebook, keeps it very easy with the guest speakers, and attains helpful information from the guests he invites to his shows. Ideal for agents, entrepreneurs, and investors, his blogs are also very effective for commercial real estate agents. 

Biggerpocketsreal Estate Podcast
Host: Joshua Dorkin, Brandon Turner

Topics: real estate investment podcasts for brokers, investors, entrepreneurs, and homeowners. 

Web designers, entrepreneurs, and former real estate agent Joshua Dorkin joined Brandon, a seasoned real estate investor. He came into forces with him to make a digital resource for people like them. Their real estate podcast features tips and advice on the fundamentals of real estate investment. 

Cashflow Diary
Host: J. Massey

Topics: commercial real estate investment podcast for anyone

J Massey is the master facilitator for Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101 games who covers anything you want to know about closing, prospecting, buying, flipping, selling and wholesaling, etc. He is quite frank yet confident in delivering insightful tips related to scripts, strategies, time management, and other critical factors of the agent’s role.

GaryVee Audio Experience
Host: Gary Vaynerchuk

Topics: Brand-building, marketing, influencer interviews

Although this podcast is not specific to real estate, covering your market in any industry. It is filled with how-tos, advice, and question and answers featuring agents such as Luis Ortiz, Ryan Serhant, Tom Panos, and Fredrick Eklund to take your business to a higher level. You can search for him on social media, especially on YouTube (AskGaryVee)

Today with Jared James
Host: Jared James

Topics: listing and selling more listings, real estate marketing, and open house tips for engagement. James Jared Today has an awesome podcast for the people looking for tips in real estate agents who want to sell more. 

His energy is an engaging and popular speaker infectiously telling you the real deal to pull off any selling opportunity. However, he is a busy person but can be found easily. He is always available on podcasts, YouTube training videos, speaking engagements across the US, and Mastermind summits. 

The Kevin and Fred show
Hosts: Fred Weaver and Kevin Kauffman

Topics: business interviews and tips with the best in the real estate industry

Having a rating of 4.9 stars of an apple Podcast Review based on 100 plus reviews tells you enough about this podcast. Fred and Kevin release episodes of different lengths. You can also search in-depth interviews that are 45 to 60 minutes that you can easily listen to on your way to your next appointment. In addition, their podcast is full of tricks about how you can take your merchandise to a higher level. 

Vancouver Real Estate
Host: Matt Scalena and Adam

Topic: an in-depth analysis of the Vancouver Real Estate Market

Foreigner investors find the Vancouver Real Estate market attractive to expand or diversify their portfolio. If you want an insight into the Vancouver real estate housing trends for your offshore employers, Vancouver Real Estate is the best point to pull your venture. 

Different realtors use responsive websites as a tactic to gain clients apart from podcasts. Blogs can level up realtors SEO and attract more towards them. They can also build a positive reputation and give them suggestions about handling their properties. 

Realtors can reach the clients by hosting a virtual tour of their homes to attract more clients and make their work easy by following tips and tricks by the podcast as mentioned earlier by experts.