5 Commercial Real Estate Podcasts That Can Help Boost CRE Success

In the world of investing, the commercial real estate industry is one of the key drivers of economic growth and investment returns. As a CRE professional – you know this, and as a podcast booking agency for this space – we know this. However, the way in which success cultivates has been ever-evolving throughout the decades, with commercial real estate podcasts becoming the quintessential resource in this current digital age.  


To date, over half of the US population listens to podcasts, and for industry leaders opting for podcast booking services, it has become a proven way to boost brand exposure, connections, and bottom-up growth. But the burning, under-toning question of all this is…what kind of podcasts are out there that can help you exceed your objectives as a CRE leader? Being a podcast booking agency that has helped countless professionals scale/become featured in this arena, we can affirm that there are several upon several. 


America’s Commercial Real Estate Show


  • Host(s): Michael Bull
  • Focus: Commercial Real Estate Intelligence, Forecasts, and Strategies 
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Airing and offering weekly episodes since 2010, America’s Commercial Real Estate Show is a renowned podcast that covers high-quality content across the commercial real estate landscape. With guest speakers being common and airing across 60 different radio stations nationwide, it all makes for the perfect way to spotlight yourself as a CRE leader in front of potentially millions of like-minded people. 


  • Host(s): Wendy Mann
  • Focus: Insightful Conversations With Commercial Real Estate Thought Leaders 


Being a podcast booking service, we can confirm that CREWcast would be a fundamental way to scale as a professional in this industry, especially if you are a woman. The reason being is that CREWcast revolves around driving stronger innovation, growth, network, and connection for commercial real estate women professionals, ultimately opening the doors for high-performing exposure and nationwide recognition. 


The CRE Project


  • Host(s): Clayton King
  • Focus: Commercial Real Estate Education and Information
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Known for interviewing both new and seasoned CRE professionals, The CRE Project podcast is one that offers an array of insightful commercial real estate concepts and education that is beneficial to a wide range of listeners. This means that if you were to be featured on this podcast, you can expect to broaden your networking outreach to various ranges of professionals and clients you may not have had access to otherwise. 


REALtalk | Conversations with Commercial Real Estate Leaders


  • Host(s): Michael Brooks
  • Focus: Conversing with Industry Leaders On Tactics, Innovation, and Forecasts 
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Hosted by the CEO of REALPAC, Michael Brooks, REALtalk is an all-inclusive conversation-based podcast series where industry professionals can guest speak/become featured. Though based in Canada, REALtalk has an international outreaching audience and welcomes commercial real estate professionals to come share their predictions, observations, and industry insights. For those listening, this is an excellent outlet to learn from. And for those featured, it can quickly become a keen way to grow a strong reputation outside a local social circle. 


The Weekly Take by CBRE


  • Host(s): CBRE 
  • Focus: Innovative Commercial Real Estate Solutions 
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Possessing over 105k industry professionals, CBRE is an acclaimed global commercial real estate servicer that exclusively offers industry insights through their podcast called ‘The Weekly Take.’ Covering all dimensions of commercial real estate, The Weekly Take is a powerful podcast resource for all industry levels to excel at their own pace and for CREs like you to attain a fruitful international following.

Additional Commercial Real Estate Podcasts Worth Noting 

Ready To Scale With Podcasting You? 

In summary, there are endless commercial real estate podcasts with 5, 6, and even 7-figure followings. Even more, each has its own unique industry takes and offers substantial, mutually favored benefits of exposure both nationally and internationally. And as a commercial real estate leader/investor, this means you can take advantage of those audiences, those renowned names, and those extensive outreaches to scale in and across your commercial domain. 

That being said, it’s no secret that landing a feature on one of these above podcasts can be a cornerstone step forward for you and your business. But with so much riding on aligning to the right resource, don’t think you have to navigate the podcasting terrain alone. As an endorsed podcast booking agency, we match you with top-performing podcasts that are guaranteed to increase exposure, organic traffic, and foster sustainable ROI. In the end, our podcast booking service is more than just vision-aligning; it is one that values your success, your growth, and the trajectory of the commercial real estate market as a collective. Overall, success is something every CRE professional seeks, and we are ready when you are to ensure you achieve new levels of that. 


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