What to Expect for Multifamily Cap Rates 2023

What to Expect for Multifamily Cap Rates 2023

Multifamily properties became the hottest investment assets through 2020 and 2021. Investors from global institutions to private investors set their sights on multifamily properties to take advantage of increasing rents and strong cash flow.

As any real estate investor knows, capitalization rates are a key factor in determining the value of a property. And while a number of factors can influence capitalization rates, one of the most important is the overall economic climate. In recent years, capitalization rates for multifamily properties have increased as the economy has strengthened.

Over the past two years, we saw multifamily cap rates dive to record-breaking lows. With the exception of the Midwest markets, the average cap rate dropped with each passing quarter. Most impressively, CBRE’s Cap Rate Report shows that the average cap rate in South Central markets dropped from 6.35% to 4.89%.

But what will we see for multifamily cap rates in 2023?

What are the implications of changing capitalization rates?

Cap rates are a simple metric that communicates net return to buyers and approximate selling price to owners. When a market’s cap rate increases, that tells prospective buyers that they can expect a higher net operating income return. For example, a $1 million asset being sold with a 6% cap rate tells buyers that the NOI is approximately $60,000.

Alternatively, prospective sellers use market cap rates to understand the approximate listing price of their asset. For example, if their asset’s NOI is $100,000 and the market’s cap rate is 5%, they will list their property for $2 million. However, if the market’s cap rate is 6.5%, they will list their property for around $1.5 million.

Multifamily capitalization rates have an immense impact on value and returns. The multifamily cap rate drops we saw over 2020 and 2021 effectively spiked the value of assets across most markets. As a result, motivated buyers were pushed into paying premium asking prices for assets. However, 2022 saw a shift in the wind as interest rate hikes made multifamily purchases increasingly difficult to underwrite and fund.

High-interest rates will hit multifamily cap rates in 2023 hard

Multifamily remains a high-demand asset class, but the rising cost of debt makes it increasingly difficult for investors to justify high cap rates. To accommodate for high-interest rates, multifamily buyers need assets with higher NOIs so that they can be assured that cash flow will cover their debt costs moving forward.

While sellers adjusted their price expectations, sales volumes in 2022 were disrupted. Buyers are now factoring in higher debt costs into their underwriting assumptions and waiting to see more balance in the market. Apartment buyers are looking for higher yields to help justify finance interest rates.

Given that high inflation seems more durable than we expected, the Federal Reserve will continue implementing interest rate hikes into the new year. The continued high cost of debt, a reduced buyer pool, and buyer demand for higher yields will impact multifamily cap rates in 2023.

Multifamily cap rates 2023: projections

Persistent inflation is both a driving force in the multifamily sector and a hindrance to cap rates. Cap rates are a response to market demand, which is heavily impacted by the cost of debt. As a result, while investors face high-interest rates, they will target lower cap rates in their offerings.

A July 2022 Fannie Mae report based on CBRE data provided various cap rate forecast scenarios based on differing economic scenarios. Interestingly, their projected cap rates had minimal variations depending on a moderate to severe market downside. The key takeaway is that while multifamily cap rates in 2022 will increase, we aren’t looking at the average rate jumping above 6% as we saw in 2019. Instead, expect to see the market normalize next year with multifamily cap rates jumping from 5.0-5.5%.

Rising rents will support high multifamily cap rates in 2023

Rising rents will help justify lower multifamily cap rates, despite the high cost of debt. While inflation is forcing the Fed to increase interest rates, it’s also creating rent inflation, which means higher asking rents for multifamily property.

According to the National Association of Realtors, rental rates in September 2022 were 24.8% higher than at the same time in 2019. Rent growth is projected to continue into 2023 as homebuyers are forced out of the market by high-interest rates. Lack of supply remains an ongoing problem in both the residential and multifamily sectors.

Investing in 2023

Multifamily assets still represent incredible value for investors in 2023. Of course, buyers need to take debt costs into consideration, however, motivated investors are targeting markets with strong rental growth and accepting lower returns in the beginning years of their investment.

While multifamily cap rates will increase, don’t anticipate them to skyrocket. Sellers understand the value of their assets and the impact of limited supply. The 2023 multifamily market will bring opportunities for investors who can balance their debt with asking cap rates, and understand that while debt can be refinanced, multifamily prices are expected to continue upwards alongside rents, despite increasing cap rates.

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Real Estate Investing vs Stocks – Pros, Cons, and Differences

Real Estate Investing vs Stocks – Pros, Cons, and Differences


Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to build generational wealth in tangible assets that tend to appreciate in value. Real estate is also one of the oldest and safest investments available today. But what about real estate investing vs stocks?


This article discusses the basics of real estate investing vs stocks and how you can decide which investment type is best for you. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of real estate investing as well as the pros and cons of investing in stocks in 2023 and beyond.


What is real estate investing?


Real estate investing comprises many strategies investors use to generate a return on investment in different real estate classes. 


Real estate investing generally falls into two categories: residential real estate and commercial real estate. Residential real estate includes single-family homes, multi-family units, and condominiums with four units or less.


Commercial real estate includes office buildings, strip malls, and housing complexes of five units or more. Commercial real estate has the potential for higher returns since large buildings and income-generating properties are bought and sold at higher price points than residential real estate.


Real estate investing can also include alternative investments like real estate investment trusts (REITs). This type of investment doesn’t invest in physical real estate. Instead, a real estate investment trust is a public company that invests in many different commercial real estate properties and acts much like a stock. 


Benefits of real estate investing 


Real estate investing provides plenty of benefits regardless of your experience level or upfront capital. Below are some of the top benefits of real estate investing:


  • Potential for high returns. Real estate investing has the potential for outsized returns that stocks typically can’t match. Savvy investors who can spot a distressed property with the potential for a fix and flip can turn a profit in a short amount of time. Additionally, buying and selling commercial properties has the potential for high returns as well.
  • Tax benefits. Investing in real estate also comes with plenty of tax benefits. Investors can use the real estate investment as a tax write-off that helps to reduce their taxable income at the end of the year. The government also has tax programs that encourage real estate investing and homeownership which can lower the amount of taxes you owe each year.
  • Potential for passive income. Passive income is income that doesn’t require daily effort to maintain. Investors with several rental properties can hire property managers to take care of the day-to-day operations–allowing them to acquire more rental properties and make more passive income.


Drawbacks of real estate investing


While real estate investing has some significant benefits, there are some drawbacks that you should consider before investing in real estate.




The first drawback to real estate investing is that it’s highly illiquid, meaning it’s difficult to convert your real estate investment into cash on short notice. Those looking for liquid assets will find that stocks are a better investment.


Capital expenditures


Capital expenditures (or “cap-ex”) are large purchases you must anticipate as a real estate investor. This may include replacing your roof, hot water heaters, and other large expenses that add up and may drain your working capital.


Raising capital


Raising capital can be one of the most challenging parts of being a real estate investor. Since real estate investing may require a large upfront investment, it helps to know how to raise capital for real estate investing effectively.


If you decide to passively invest in real estate, you turn over the management and raising capital to an operator or sponsor. By being a passive investor, you can don’t have to deal with the headaches many active investors encounter.

Investing in stocks


Investing in stocks is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. Investing in index funds, mutual funds, and other stocks can provide stable returns over many years. However, investing in stocks typically doesn’t offer the possibility of outsized returns like other investments.


Benefits of investing in stocks


Investing in stocks is a tried and true method of investing. Some of the top benefits you’ll receive from investing in stocks include:


  • Liquidity. Unlike real estate investing, investing in stocks provides investors with liquidity that allows them to convert their investments into cash quickly. Selling your stock investments doesn’t require a lengthy process like selling your real estate investments.
  • Stable returns. Index funds provide stable and consistent returns, while mutual funds give investors diversification to ensure they’re not putting all their eggs in one basket. Stocks can be an excellent option for those looking for stable returns.
  • Protection from inflation. Stock market returns are known to outpace the rate of inflation. The long-term inflation rate has increased about 3 percent each year since 1913 compared to a double-digital return from stocks during this period.
  • Easy to get started. Robo-advisor apps and retail investing platforms make it easy to start investing in stocks. You don’t need a lot of money to start investing in stocks; often as little as $10 can get you started.


Drawbacks of investing in stocks


Investing in stocks has several downsides. First, investors with low account balances may find that they aren’t generating significant returns with their investment strategy. Investing in individual stocks is especially risky since market conditions may cause the stock to have major fluctuations that can wipe out your account balance within a few hours.


How to get started investing in stocks


The easiest way to start investing in stocks is to download one of the many robo-advisor apps. These apps make it easy to deposit an initial investment and watch it grow over time without actively managing your portfolio. 


Robo-advisors automate the investing process by assessing your risk tolerance and investing in a portfolio of stocks while adjusting the holdings over time. This is the best way to start investing in stocks since it comes with minimal risk and doesn’t require active portfolio management.


Final thoughts


Real estate investing tends to have a higher potential for big returns compared to investing in stocks. However, stocks may be more stable over time and easier to start with. 

Whichever investment you decide to make, ensure you are doing what’s best for you and your investment strategy!


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Podcasts are one of the most effective ways to become a leader in your industry — whether you’re a podcast host or guest. If you’re a real estate agent or an investor who’d like to share your expertise on podcasts, unlock your free 15-minute discovery call to learn how we’ll get you there.


Best Cities to Invest in 2023

Best Cities to Invest in 2023

Over the past two years, most housing markets around the country have seen unprecedented growth. It was a great time for investors, syndicators, and homeowners. But the tides have turned.

High inflation triggered the Federal Reserve to jump into action. Throughout most of 2022, the Fed has been implementing rate hikes, effectively doubling the consumer home mortgage rates. As a result, many would-be buyers have been forced to put their plans on hold, investment activity has slowed, and the US housing market appears. But while higher interest rates may have initially put a damper on the real estate market, they also present an opportunity for savvy investors to snap up properties – but you need to select the right markets.

The US housing market might be in turmoil, but there are still housing markets across the country with excellent investment options.

When picking a metropolitan market to invest in multifamily, self-storage, and mobile home parks which will carry you through an economic downturn, you want to focus on areas with:

  • Job growth: When new jobs ad businesses are added to a local economy, it helps increase the median wage, contributing to rental growth.
  • Population growth: An expanding population will help drive up competition for rental properties and, therefore, will drive rental rates. A good comparison figure for strong population growth is the national average, 6.3% between the 2010 and 2020 censuses.
  • Decreasing crime rates: Areas that are improving or gentrifying will have decreasing crime rates. If an area you’re looking to invest in has increasing crime rates, you should consider looking elsewhere.

While interest rates are climbing, cities with lower price points will likely be the most resilient. Most investors are used to seeing big names like Austin, Boise, or Phoenix appear, but times have changed, and there are some new top runners investors should shift their focus.

Let’s dive into some of the country’s best cities to invest in 2023 (despite rising interest rates!). You’re going to be surprised by these new names!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa’s position on this list comes a little out of left field, as it certainly hasn’t been at the top of any investment lists for a long time (if ever). Behind its growth as one of the world’s oil capitals, however now has a diverse local economy that includes aerospace, finance, manufacturing, education, medical, and high-tech. Furthermore, Google and Amazon have made investments in the Tulsa metro area, contributing to the area’s job growth. The market is attracting residents and investors because of the low cost of living and high quality of life – there’s no wonder that Tulsa’s population grew 8.3% over the past decade.

Augusta, Georgia

The city of Augusta is located right on the Savannah river, which is the border of South Carolina. You might have heard of it before, as it’s home to one of the most prestigious Masters golf tournaments. Its warm climate, low cost of living, and affordable housing prices make it an attractive market for many. Over the past decade, Augusta’s population grew by 8.2%

In recent years, Augusta has emerged as one of the top markets for remote investors. Investors like this market because it’s had historically strong appreciation (10.5% over the past year), but home prices are still affordable, with the median price sitting at $210,000. Unlike other major markets, the prices in this secondary city are expected to continue up over the next year. This is why Augusta is one of the best cities to invest in 2023.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

best cities to invest in 2023

Indiana is considered one of the most landlord-friendly states, and investors are taking notice. Median home prices are still around $230,000, making market entry achievable for most. Furthermore, the rent-to-income ratio is 18.12%, which means the market still has room for further rent growth. Over the past ten years, its population growth has been about 6%, consistent with the national average. Investors in this market can find cash-flowing assets that are likely to appreciate in the coming years.

Toledo, Ohio

Toledo earned the name the Glass City because of its history of glass manufacturing, however, the economy has expanded and diversified. Toledo has one of the lowest costs of living in the United States and the current median sale price is just over $115,000. Unlike most major US markets, Toledo is a buyer’s market with staying listed from 30 to 90 days – so investors, this is your opportunity to snag a deal in one of the best cities to invest in 2023.

Cleveland, Ohio

best cities to invest in 2023

Much like Detroit, Cleveland has had a rough history of housing prices, but in the past couple years, the market has started to bounce back. It has a diversified economy that no longer relies on manufacturing. Instead, Cleveland is seeing growth in construction, transportation professional and business services, and leisure. One thing for potential investors to note is that Cleveland’s population has shrunk over the last decade, but its median income has grown.

What makes Cleveland most attractive to investors is its affordability, especially when compared to local wages. Inventory in Cleveland is low, so you need to act quickly. However, Cleveland investors can expect to benefit from both good cash flow and long-term appreciation. For investors, that’s the best of both worlds!

Wichita, Kansas

Kansas has been steadily creeping up in the ranks in desirable real estate markets, and Wichita is the leading city. It’s benefitted from consistent population growth over the past decade, contributing to the 15.3% year-over-year growth as of October 2022. Part of what makes Wichita such an attractive market is its affordability. Despite recent appreciation, the median home price still sits at $219,000.

Wichita comes in as the second most recession-proof city in the US, which is great news for investors concerned about rising interest rates and an economic downturn. It’s expected to perform well because of its steady job and population growth as well as its affordable prices.

With the US housing market in the middle of a major shift and some of the country’s most popular investment markets no longer have such a strong outlook. When selecting markets for investing in multifamily, self-storage, or mobile home parks, you want to select markets with growing demand that leads to strong rental demand. Bring value to your clients and your investors by choosing markets that will hold up during the looming economic downturn.

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5 Commercial Real Estate Podcasts That Can Help Boost CRE Success

5 Commercial Real Estate Podcasts That Can Help Boost CRE Success

In the world of investing, the commercial real estate industry is one of the key drivers of economic growth and investment returns. As a CRE professional – you know this, and as a podcast booking agency for this space – we know this. However, the way in which success cultivates has been ever-evolving throughout the decades, with commercial real estate podcasts becoming the quintessential resource in this current digital age.  


To date, over half of the US population listens to podcasts, and for industry leaders opting for podcast booking services, it has become a proven way to boost brand exposure, connections, and bottom-up growth. But the burning, under-toning question of all this is…what kind of podcasts are out there that can help you exceed your objectives as a CRE leader? Being a podcast booking agency that has helped countless professionals scale/become featured in this arena, we can affirm that there are several upon several. 


America’s Commercial Real Estate Show


  • Host(s): Michael Bull
  • Focus: Commercial Real Estate Intelligence, Forecasts, and Strategies 
  • Click here to review more

Airing and offering weekly episodes since 2010, America’s Commercial Real Estate Show is a renowned podcast that covers high-quality content across the commercial real estate landscape. With guest speakers being common and airing across 60 different radio stations nationwide, it all makes for the perfect way to spotlight yourself as a CRE leader in front of potentially millions of like-minded people. 


  • Host(s): Wendy Mann
  • Focus: Insightful Conversations With Commercial Real Estate Thought Leaders 


Being a podcast booking service, we can confirm that CREWcast would be a fundamental way to scale as a professional in this industry, especially if you are a woman. The reason being is that CREWcast revolves around driving stronger innovation, growth, network, and connection for commercial real estate women professionals, ultimately opening the doors for high-performing exposure and nationwide recognition. 


The CRE Project


  • Host(s): Clayton King
  • Focus: Commercial Real Estate Education and Information
  • Click here to review more 


Known for interviewing both new and seasoned CRE professionals, The CRE Project podcast is one that offers an array of insightful commercial real estate concepts and education that is beneficial to a wide range of listeners. This means that if you were to be featured on this podcast, you can expect to broaden your networking outreach to various ranges of professionals and clients you may not have had access to otherwise. 


REALtalk | Conversations with Commercial Real Estate Leaders


  • Host(s): Michael Brooks
  • Focus: Conversing with Industry Leaders On Tactics, Innovation, and Forecasts 
  • Click here to review more 


Hosted by the CEO of REALPAC, Michael Brooks, REALtalk is an all-inclusive conversation-based podcast series where industry professionals can guest speak/become featured. Though based in Canada, REALtalk has an international outreaching audience and welcomes commercial real estate professionals to come share their predictions, observations, and industry insights. For those listening, this is an excellent outlet to learn from. And for those featured, it can quickly become a keen way to grow a strong reputation outside a local social circle. 


The Weekly Take by CBRE


  • Host(s): CBRE 
  • Focus: Innovative Commercial Real Estate Solutions 
  • Click here to review more


Possessing over 105k industry professionals, CBRE is an acclaimed global commercial real estate servicer that exclusively offers industry insights through their podcast called ‘The Weekly Take.’ Covering all dimensions of commercial real estate, The Weekly Take is a powerful podcast resource for all industry levels to excel at their own pace and for CREs like you to attain a fruitful international following.

Additional Commercial Real Estate Podcasts Worth Noting 

Ready To Scale With Podcasting You? 

In summary, there are endless commercial real estate podcasts with 5, 6, and even 7-figure followings. Even more, each has its own unique industry takes and offers substantial, mutually favored benefits of exposure both nationally and internationally. And as a commercial real estate leader/investor, this means you can take advantage of those audiences, those renowned names, and those extensive outreaches to scale in and across your commercial domain. 

That being said, it’s no secret that landing a feature on one of these above podcasts can be a cornerstone step forward for you and your business. But with so much riding on aligning to the right resource, don’t think you have to navigate the podcasting terrain alone. As an endorsed podcast booking agency, we match you with top-performing podcasts that are guaranteed to increase exposure, organic traffic, and foster sustainable ROI. In the end, our podcast booking service is more than just vision-aligning; it is one that values your success, your growth, and the trajectory of the commercial real estate market as a collective. Overall, success is something every CRE professional seeks, and we are ready when you are to ensure you achieve new levels of that. 


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SEO For Real Estate Investors

SEO For Real Estate Investors: Podcasts for SEO & Link Building in 2022 and Beyond

As we head deeper into the 21st century, there is no denying that both real estate investing and informative podcasts are having their moments. To date, statistics reveal that an overwhelming 89% of US investors place their money into real estate, and podcasting has been deemed one of the most effective forms of SEO advertising – with an alarming 47% engagement rate compared to radio and tv coming in at 27%. 


As a podcast booking service, why are we mentioning this?


Because when you blend the two leading industries together, you are creating the perfect storm that not only propels SEO for real estate investors forward, but also positions them for long-term gains, max ROI, and overall scaling sustainability. All in all, increasing SEO with podcasts opens up an intrinsic landscape filled with opportunities for investors such as yourself to attain higher highs through the art of engagement, exposure, and lead to sale generation…and all through various segmented concepts that harmoniously work together to achieve that common goal. 


SEO & Why It Matters


As a proven technique as old as the internet itself, Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is a renowned process to get yourself noticed in the eyes of your audiences even amid the competitive digital market. In and of itself, SEO is an umbrella term involving creating quality content and accentuating website UX to organically rank higher in search engines like Google. If syndicated both honestly, consistently and use the leading SEO boosting resources on the market (podcasts of course being a prominent one), then this is something that can be highly fruitful for you as a real estate investor. 


Did you know about Google’s most recent helpful content update? If not, read about it here to ensure your website is optimized in the eyes of the new Google algorithm. 


As podcast booking service professionals, we have worked with every shade of real estate investor ranging from wholesale residential/commercial real estate, and institutional investors to individual rehabbers. That said, regardless of the initiatives, increasing SEO with podcasts has been a proven tactic across the board and one that can significantly help you rank higher as a quality resource, gain organic traffic, and lock ROI successes. 


The Symbiotic Relationship Between Podcasts & SEO


  • Influences Website Backlinking


One of the most significant reasons why increasing SEO with podcasts is effective is its keen ability to influence more conversion-rich website backlinking. Engaging with audiences and building an accredited rapport as an investor inevitably leads to other sites/professionals seeing you as a reputable source to reference/link to. In turn, SERP algorithms will see you as a more respected outlet because others are vouching for it. 


Keep in mind that natural website backlinking offers the strongest SEO impacts, you can also take advantage of the other branches of backlinking: outreach links, self-created links, and internal website links. These are all ways to help potential clients and Google navigate your site, confirm your credibility, and ultimately convert leads to sales. 


  • Rank Higher in SERPs


Did you know that only 25% of searchers browse on page #2 on Google? In retrospect, 75% of Google browsers never scroll past the first page, making SERP rankings detrimental to organic growth online – not just for real estate investing, but for every industry making a digital presence. That said, with podcasts holding a strong grip on modern marketing, you can seamlessly use this avenue to bolster content marketing with SEO relations and have a stronger stance to show up on that first page. This means that with the guided support of podcast hosting/guesting, you are much more likely to rank far above those not using this method, exposing you to more sales opportunities and exposure. 


  • Widens Your Target Outreach, Builds Engagement, & Promotes Advocacy 


If there is one thing for sure, podcasts add a layer of personality to your business, making it easier to stand out from your competition and build client trust across the board. The best part about connecting with your audiences in this light is that it can result in them becoming valued advocates, ones who will help promote you as an investor via word of mouth. With 64% of marketers agreeing that word of mouth is the ideal way to advance across any sector, it all equates to showcasing your personality and knowledge through podcasting to be a core way to attain those positive, long-term effects.


In short, there very well could be an entire target audience out there that you haven’t touched yet that a podcast can introduce you to. Couple that widened outreach with building engagement that can turn to advocacy, it all demonstrates that podcast appearances are an excellent method to improve your army of followers, raise conversion rates, and better your SEO ranking as a collective. 


  • Helps Reduce Bounce Back Rates


Setting your investor website up for success is one thing, but keeping visitors engaged on your site long enough to secure a sale is another. Generally, reducing your bounce-back rate can be done by delivering meaningful content, making your site as user-friendly as possible, and validating that you are a professional in your field, perhaps with the illustration of various case studies. However, people like knowing they are interacting with people, which is something that podcasts have an uncanny ability to deliver as it humanizes brands and investing goals beyond just standard ads. It promotes realism, and that is something that is highly valuable within this digitized era. 


In the end, potential clients become more invested and are more likely to illustrate stronger website engagement when they’ve had a chance to really understand who you are on a personal level, hear what you have to say on a podcast that is already established – thus becoming the cornerstone for boosted loyalty, increased sales, and of course, attaining much better bounce back rate. 


Summary – Leverage The Podcast Spotlight 


Podcasts can improve investor reputation, visibility and provide new opportunities for you to generate backlinks that boost your SEO strategy. On the other side of the pendulum, organic traffic from that said SEO strategy can effectively bring MORE traffic to your website – raising the opportunity to generate more leads to sales. In summary, increasing SEO with podcasts can eventually form a self-sustaining feedback loop; a content engine that consistently helps you yield more results. 


As a final word, SEO For real estate investors should never be overlooked, as it is a fundamental way to excel within the flooded real estate market. But the next big challenge is figuring out what podcast(s) to network with in the first place to ensure that this ideal blueprint plays out. This is where podcast booking services like us here at Podcasting You can help, strategically scanning and matching our clients to the proper channels to solidify ROI efforts. Overall, podcasts have taken center stage in the world of SEO marketing and effective backlinking, and our core goal is to not just prove you with quality podcast connections, but ultimately give you what you value the most as an investor: your time, your energy, and innovative pathways that help secure viable, growth-driven futures. 

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Podcasts are one of the most effective ways to become a leader in your industry — whether you’re a podcast host or guest. If you’re a real estate agent or an investor who’d like to share your expertise on podcasts, unlock your free 15-minute discovery call to learn how we’ll get you there.


How To Raise Capital For Real Estate

How to Raise Capital for Real Estate

In 2007, over 2/3 of investors had their sights set on the stock market, however, in recent years, that number has dropped to 50%, with many investors moving to the real estate market as their main form of investing. The real estate market offers investors tangible assets that can provide amazing returns on their investments. However, buying a home, apartment complex, or even a commercial building takes large sums of capital upfront, creating a barrier to entry for some investors.


Luckily, raising capital to invest in real estate is a very common practice and there are many ways to do it. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll break down the common methods for how to raise capital for real estate, as well as provide some tips and tricks for doing so successfully. In no time, you’ll be on your way to becoming an active real estate investor.


Tried and True Techniques


Funding is the key to getting any real estate investment project off the ground. While some people have overflowing bank accounts and can self-fund their investments, that’s not the case for many real estate investors. You can invest in the market without using even a cent from your own accounts, and there are many ways to do so. However, a few capital raising techniques have made their way to the forefront of the industry.


Private & Hard Money Lenders


Private lenders are most often individuals with access to capital and a desire to invest it. Hard money lenders usually operate as an institution that is licensed to lend money. Though a bit different, neither of these two sources of capital are associated with banks, meaning there is less red tape, and the money can be accessed much more quickly. 


Where banks and government lenders might take a number of months to get you the funds, private lenders and hard money lenders can do it in a number of days if they want to, which is much more agreeable with the fast nature of the real estate market. However, these lenders will offer interest rates of 12%-15%, sometimes higher, which is 3x more than many other options.




If you’re okay with putting a bit of elbow grease into your investment, wholesaling may be the way to go. Essentially, this method requires you to act as an intermediary between someone selling a property and someone buying a property. Wholesaling requires properties that are being sold at an excellent rate, which often means they are fixer-uppers. After securing a contract with the seller, you renovate or “flip” the property and contract it to your buyer at a higher price to make a profit.


Self-Directed Accounts


If you have a self-directed IRA account, you can access funds in your retirement savings to invest in real estate. While traditional IRAs place restrictions on the assets that can be sold, a self-directed IRA allows you full discretion in making those decisions. Thus, you can invest the money in your account into real estate without facing an early withdrawal penalty. Any profits made will be returned to your account until retirement, making this a great way to fund the later years of your life.


FHA Investment Loan


Loans offered by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) were created to help low-income and middle-income borrowers qualify for financing to purchase real estate. The requirements are a bit different than other loan types; down payments are often as low as 3.5% and buyers can qualify with a credit score as low as 580. The caveat with these funds is that FHA loans are intended for buyers who plan to occupy the property they purchase. However, if you purchase a multi-family home, you can occupy one unit and rent out the others.


Peer-to-Peer Loan


P2P loans are becoming more popular in the real estate market, giving investors the opportunity to raise money from other investors. P2P loans are done through online marketplaces that connect you with potential investors. Shopping around for the right lender is critical with these types of loans; since they are offered by individuals, interest rates and terms can vary widely.


Traditional Bank Loans


Last but not least, investors can go to banking institutions for loans. There is a lot of red tape, and the process can take a while, but in the right situation, these types of loans can work well. With lower interest rates than many other lenders offer, banks are a popular source of capital for investors. Your financial history and credit score will be thoroughly examined prior to approval, so make sure all your ducks are in a row before applying.


Appealing to Investors


No matter what source of capital you decide to go with, you’ll have to convince lenders to invest in you and the real estate you’re targeting. This can be difficult for some, but there are a few key ways to get your message out, connect with potential investors, and successfully secure capital:


Showcase Your Experience


It’s no secret that lenders would rather give money to someone who is very experienced than a beginner. The more experience you can get under your belt, the more likely you are to convince lenders to grant you the funds you’re looking for. When you’re first starting out, this will be more difficult, but if you start small, find success, and keep growing, you’ll get your footing in the industry.


Build a Strong Team


It’s rare that real estate investors are working alone, and lenders want to feel like they can trust everyone involved. By taking the time to build a strong team that can communicate with lenders, illustrate professionalism and expertise, and of course, display a collaborative environment, you’ll be much more likely to secure funding.


Present the Opportunity


You have the make the sale to get the sale. If your lenders don’t feel like the investment will have the return you’re targeting, they won’t invest. These lenders do this every day, and they can see through a faulty opportunity within seconds. Make sure that when you seek funding, your investment plan is airtight and mistake-free, then, show that to potential lenders.


Get Your Message Out


Use the power of podcasting and social media to connect with potential lenders and spread your message to larger audiences. Going on different podcasts is a phenomenal way to do this because they are often in a specific niche. So, if you are a guest on a real estate podcast, you’re going to reach people that are interested in real estate, allowing you to target your message a bit better.


Invest in What You Believe In


If you wouldn’t spend your own money on an investment, you cannot expect lenders to spend their money on it either. Take your time in finding the right investment opportunities, preparing your message, and connecting with a variety of lenders. After a while, you’ll have a solid network of contacts and colleagues that will make securing funding easier down the line. Now get out there and start investing!

Book a Free 15-Minute Discovery Call

Podcasts are one of the most effective ways to become a leader in your industry — whether you’re a podcast host or guest. If you’re a real estate agent or an investor who’d like to share your expertise on podcasts, unlock your free 15-minute discovery call to learn how we’ll get you there.


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Why You Should Use a Podcast Booking Service to Book Your Podcast Guests

Why You Should Use a Podcast Guest Booking Service 


Podcasts are a creative and powerful way to communicate your message to your target audience and potentially grow your business. It can position you as an expert in your field and build a loyal listener and subscriber base. You get the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, and innovative ways you can provide solutions in a format many people prefer to consume. Your audience will see you as an expert, and you will be their go-to for their questions or if they need your services. A podcast guest booking service may be what you need!


Creating a podcast requires deliberate and careful planning and execution. You want your podcast to provide value to entice your target audience to continue to listen as you provide content and grow. Inviting guests to your podcast can provide tremendous advantages and add to your credibility.


You want to ensure your podcast guests are the perfect fit for you and your goals. Everything from your topic to your interview questions to your guests should be carefully curated to entice your target audience and make your podcast stand out. A well-thought-out guest list will provide entertainment and knowledge to you and your audience.

Here are some of the benefits hosting quality guests on your podcasts brings. 


Provides Fresh Perspectives and Keeps Things Entertaining – A guest on your podcast can provide fresh perspectives on hot topics related to your business or genre. Interviewing other experts, podcasters, authors, and creators can add dimension and provide new resources for your audience. You get to hear expert commentary and advice that will benefit you and your audience. The conversations you have with your guests can be informational and entertaining. You get a chance to better engage with your audience, prompting them to think and ask further questions leading them to be more excited for your next episode.


Book Experts in Your Field – Although the primary goal of your podcast is to solidify yourself as the expert in your field, your audience will find it valuable to have expert guests on your show. The knowledge and background with a perfect list of executed questions can provide your audience with immense knowledge and entertainment. Your guests can provide opinions and facts and help to debunk known myths in your field. A quality podcast guest booking service can help to book experts on your podcast. 


Grabs Your Audiences Attention – Many marketing efforts grabs your audience’s attention for short spans of time. Hosting a guest on your podcast makes your audience more likely to tune in and listen all the way through. You get quality time with your audience and provide them value with a quality guest. You will have profound conversations with interesting people that give your audience something new to learn without feeling like they’re listening to someone rambling. 


Reach New Audiences – Hosting guests on your podcasts will connect you with new audiences tuning in for your guest. If you can book people with a large social following, it results in a fan crossover and an easy introduction to their audience. You have an opportunity to create intrigue that will allow you to grow your network of listeners exponentially.


Foster Close Personal Connections – Hosting guests can allow you to foster strong relationships and create networking opportunities. Interviewing someone in fields you’re interested in or have a strong following can take your podcast further and potentially open doors for your career in the future. 


The quality of guests that appear on your podcast can play a significant role in expanding your listener base and subscribers to your show. The right guests can leave a good impression on your listeners and build a reputable name for yourself within your genre. Taking the time to find the perfect guests can be rewarding, but it also requires a lot of your time and resources. Without the right strategy, it can be a daunting task and prove to be difficult to book guests that provide value. 


Podcasting You is a comprehensive podcast guest booking service that helps you find quality guests that provide value to your listeners for you to interview. You will be connected with a robust directory of experts, authors, and other podcasters to be guests on your show. Podcasting You understand who your audience is and will curate a guest list that aligns with you and your audience’s values and resonates with them.


Want to learn more about podcast guest booking services? Schedule a free discovery call here:

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Top Podcast Booking Service for Outstanding Guest Appearances

Amplify Your Reach: Top Podcast Booking Service for Outstanding Guest Appearances

Navigating the podcast world can be daunting when seeking opportunities to spread your brand’s message. A podcast booking service is the straightforward link between your expertise and the right audience. It identifies and secures relevant podcast slots for you, ensuring optimal exposure without the legwork. This article explores how such a service can elevate your brand’s presence and engage your ideal listeners.

Key Takeaways

  • Podcasting offers a strategic marketing opportunity for businesses to build their brand, foster loyal audiences, and establish themselves as thought leaders due to its rising popularity and engaged niche listeners.
  • Choosing the right podcast booking service is vital; it should align with your goals, offer personalized outreach, and have niche-specific expertise to maximize the impact of your guest appearances.
  • Consistent guest appearances on podcasts can lead to increased visibility, new business opportunities, and enhanced credibility, while a well-crafted promotional strategy amplifies the reach and effectiveness of each episode.

The Power of Podcasts

Podcast microphone and headphones on a table

Podcasts, the on-demand audio content, have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. With an estimated 424 million podcast listeners worldwide, the potential audience for businesses and entrepreneurs is massive. Businesses have embraced podcasting as a medium to reach customers and build their brand. Brands such as Patagonia have utilized podcasts to share their values and strengthen customer relationships, showcasing how this medium can impact loyalty and attract new customers.

As a marketing tool, podcasting offers several benefits for businesses:

  • It is a low-cost but high-impact medium
  • It helps establish an engaged audience
  • It fosters loyalty
  • The benefits of podcasting compound over time, making it a viable long-term marketing strategy

Podcast booking agencies play a critical role in this process, aligning businesses with the right podcast hosts and maximizing the return on investment.

Reach Engaged Audiences

The ability to connect businesses with niche audiences who show high interest in specific topics is a key strength of podcasting. A staggering 82% of marketers recognize the value in reaching listeners who are keenly interested in niche subjects, and plan to sustain or boost their podcast investments to leverage this medium’s strong connection with audiences.

Podcast engagement is characterized by fostering a multi-dimensional connection with listeners, engaging their intellect, emotions, and behaviors, which is central to transforming a podcast into an influential platform. The focus isn’t solely on what the audience can do for the podcast, but also on the benefits the podcast presents to listeners. Understanding the unique interests and demographics of a podcast’s audience is essential for crafting messages that resonate deeply and encourage active engagement.

This flexibility allows businesses to reach various listeners by creating and distributing content that appeals to a multitude of interests and needs.

Build Authority and Trust

Podcasts not only reach engaged audiences but also play a crucial role in building authority and trust. By appearing on podcasts, an individual or brand can be positioned as a thought leader, valued for their expert knowledge and opinions. Consistent content delivery and regular guest appearances can cultivate a loyal audience, fostering trust and establishing a podcast as a credible source of information.

Guesting on podcasts is a strategic move for businesses and individuals to enhance their market presence, leading to new recognition and opportunities. Offering practical tips or knowledge and a clear call to action during podcast appearances encourages active listener engagement and adds tangible value to the content.

Choosing the Right Podcast Booking Service

ai generated, audio, podcast

With the power of podcasts established, the subsequent step involves selecting the ideal podcast booking service. This is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your podcast guest experience. A podcast booking service aligns with your needs and goals, providing dedicated effort in managing outreach and enhancing your marketing strategy. It’s not just about getting you on any podcast, but finding the right fit.

Established relationships with podcasters in specific niches allow a podcast booking service to position clients on shows that directly reach their target audience. Services that handle the full scope of podcast booking, including post-interview promotion, save time and streamline the guest appearance experience. Through a personalized approach, agencies craft pitches that resonate with show hosts, leveraging their expertise to secure guest spots that match both the podcast’s and the client’s needs.

Expertise in Your Niche

Having niche-specific expertise gives a podcast booking service a distinct advantage. They streamline the guest placement process by:

  • First understanding your brand, message, and target audience to find podcasts that align with these elements
  • Leveraging their industry expertise to efficiently match brands with relevant podcasts
  • Ensuring that your core values and unique selling points are naturally integrated into the conversation

Ensuring that clients appear on podcasts that cater to their specific area of expertise or target audiences facilitates effective marketing and builds trust and credibility, which is essential for business growth.

Personalized Approach

Adopting a personalized approach forms another integral aspect of a podcast booking service. These services hand-pick a series of podcasts that align with your expertise and target audience, ensuring a strategic and effective approach to your podcast appearances. They craft targeted pitches for each podcast, significantly increasing the likelihood of securing guest interview opportunities.

Clients receive comprehensive support from a single point of contact who assists in refining their pitch and guides them through the entire booking process, culminating in a seamless guest experience. Understanding the unique selling points of a podcast to attract expert guests who resonate with show values and audience interests, and building a podcast tour to amplify exposure and establish your authority in your niche, are all part of this personalized approach.

Our team also prioritizes ongoing professional development in podcast trends and strategies, offering state-of-the-art advice to clients, and securing interviews on podcasts that enhance their website’s SEO through back-linking.

Success Stories: Clients Who Thrived with Our Podcast Booking Service

Business networking event with professionals exchanging contacts

Our podcast booking service has demonstrated a life-changing impact on the businesses and personal brands of our clients.

The commitment of our amazing people to create genuine connections has been pivotal in facilitating impactful conversations between podcast hosts and guests.

Increased Visibility

Being a guest on a podcast can lead to significant exposure and reach, introducing new audiences to your expertise and potentially expanding your personal brand.

Clients who share their expertise on podcasts create evergreen content that continually contributes to their ongoing visibility. Inviting well-known guests to a podcast can enhance engagement and bring new listeners, thanks to the guests’ existing audiences. Expert podcast booking services ensure effective promotion of appearances, making outreach more efficient and connections within industries leveraged for quick and impactful visibility.

New Business Opportunities

Podcast appearances create opportunities for guests to:

  • Network with hosts, co-hosts, and fellow experts
  • Collaborate on ventures and new business ideas
  • Receive follow-up inquiries from listeners
  • Convert inquiries into workshops, consulting opportunities, or other professional services

By presenting their expertise in an authentic manner on podcasts, guests can take advantage of these opportunities to address real problems.

Entrepreneurs benefit from podcast booking services by gaining exposure to new and niche audiences, which can result in reaching potential customers and securing new deals.

Tips for Maximizing Your Podcast Guest Experience

Podcast guest preparing notes and research material

For a fruitful podcast guest experience, adequate preparation and authenticity during the interview are key. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Invest in a professional audio setup, including quality headphones and a good microphone, to ensure clear sound during your podcast appearance.
  2. Pre-prepare questions or topics you’re interested in discussing.
  3. Practice your key points to deliver a clear and engaging message.

Use the host’s name to create a more personal connection and bring an energetic attitude to the podcast to captivate both the host and the audience. Keep your responses brief and focused to engage listeners and prevent disengagement through lengthy monologues.

Prepare and Research

Thorough preparation paves the way for a successful podcast appearance. Before a podcast recording, it’s essential to research the show and its audience to align messaging and ensure a seamless fit with the podcast’s theme. Listening to at least two published episodes helps understand the flow and common questions of the podcast, enhancing your ability to contribute effectively.

Reading podcast reviews can provide insights into the audience’s likes and dislikes, which can be leveraged to present yourself in a way that resonates with them. Researching the host’s professional experience and any other guests’ backgrounds facilitates a well-rounded conversation and connection with both the host and those who listen.

Preparing relatable anecdotes and examples that tie into the podcast’s content can make your contributions more engaging for the audience. Some tips for engaging storytelling on your podcast include:

  • Using personal anecdotes that relate to the topic at hand
  • Incorporating real-life examples that illustrate your points
  • Referencing previous podcast episodes when relevant to demonstrate familiarity and create a deeper connection with committed listeners.

Be Authentic and Engaging

It’s vital to remain authentic and engaging during your podcast appearance. Focus on being yourself, speaking from the heart, and allowing your genuine passion for the topic to be apparent to listeners. Maintaining a conversational tone during the interview helps the dialogue feel natural and prevents the discussion from sounding overly rehearsed or like a sales pitch.

Prepare at least three personal stories about yourself that you can share to effectively engage listeners and reveal your personality. Sharing personal experiences or challenges that reflect the podcast’s theme can humanize your brand and foster a deeper connection with the audience.

Engaging with the podcast host by actively listening, asking meaningful questions, and adding to their comments can create a more dynamic and captivating conversation.

Promote Your Appearance

Promoting your podcast appearance is vital for maximizing its impact. Here are some effective ways to promote your podcast appearance on social media:

  • Create impactful sound bites
  • Use video snippets
  • Utilize relevant hashtags
  • Schedule regular posts with clear calls to action

These strategies can significantly extend your reach, drive more traffic, and engage potential listeners.

Paid advertising on social media platforms where your audience is most active can further boost the visibility of your podcast episode. Collaborating with the podcast host on cross-promotion activities such as shared posts and joint live streams can enhance the promotion of your episode.

Promotion of your podcast appearance can be expanded through additional channels such as:

  • Community forums
  • Webinars
  • Appending the link to your email signature
  • Offering exclusive resources
  • Highlighting the episode on your website and in newsletters

Repurposing the content from your podcast appearance into various formats such as the latest blog posts, videos, or ebooks can maximize the value and extend the life of your episode.

Encourage your audience to take action by sharing your podcast appearance within their networks, which can lead to even further promotional opportunities and increased episode reach.

Our Podcast Booking Process

Team brainstorming and planning podcast booking strategy

We’ve designed our podcast booking process to make the experience seamless for our clients. We thoroughly prepare clients for podcast appearances, including the identification of podcasts that complement their expertise, engagement with the show’s social media, and crafting tailored pitches to highlight their unique value. To effectively handle interview dynamics, clients are trained in practicing potential questions and answers, ensuring they can navigate off-script moments smoothly.

Discover Your Goals

The first step in our booking process involves understanding your goals. The podcast booking service engages in a collaborative process with clients to ascertain their specific goals, such as elevating brand visibility or becoming a thought leader.

Customized Outreach Strategy

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each client and tailor our approach accordingly. A podcast booking service with niche-specific expertise can leverage connections to popular hosts, enabling clients to secure podcast opportunities that align precisely with their field. These specialized agencies provide ‘warm’ introductions to hosts through established relationships, improving the chances of a successful booking.

Their deep understanding of the niche allows them to identify podcasts that have the most reach and listener engagement in a particular area of expertise. The professional booking services conduct thorough research to compile a list of podcasts that best match the client’s specialized knowledge and audience preferences. Tailored pitches are created to emphasize the unique insights and value a client can bring to a podcast, which aids in convincing hosts and producers to secure the guest appearance.

Ongoing Support and Growth

Our support extends throughout your podcast journey. The podcast booking service demonstrates a commitment to ongoing support for clients’ podcast journey. The booking service handles all aspects of scheduling and preparation with podcast hosts to minimize obstacles for clients.

Clients are guided to strategically leverage past appearances for future growth and enhancement of their brand.

As Featured On

Our podcast booking service has successfully placed clients on high-profile and respected podcasts. This is a testament to our effective strategies, dedicated team, and commitment to delivering the best for our clients. We ensure our clients appear on established podcasts to guarantee significant audience reach and quality content.


In conclusion, podcasting presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses and individuals to reach engaged audiences, build authority, and grow their brands. With our experienced team and personalized approach, we ensure that our clients make the most of their podcast guest experiences. Whether you’re looking to increase visibility, create new business opportunities, or establish your authority in your niche, we’re here to help you amplify your reach and make your voice heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do podcast booking agencies charge?

Podcast booking agencies can charge anywhere from $1,400 to $10,000 per month, depending on the services and level of attention they provide to their clients. It’s important to consider what level of service you need and how much you’re willing to invest in your podcast’s growth.

How do you get booked on podcasts?

You can get booked on podcasts by showcasing your expertise online and getting invited by hosts, or by reaching out to hosts and demonstrating why you’d be a great guest for their show. It’s about showing your value and expertise to the podcast hosts.

What is a podcast booking agency?

A podcast booking agency helps you get booked as a guest on podcasts that your audience listens to, allowing you to grow awareness for your brand or company and build trust with your ideal audience. Consider reaching out to one for potential podcast appearance opportunities!

How can podcasts help my business?

Podcasts can help your business by reaching engaged audiences, building authority and trust, and growing your brand, making them a low-cost but high-impact marketing tool. Start harnessing the power of podcasts today!

Interested in learning how a podcast booking agency can help your company grow?

Book a free consult: HERE

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Listen To These 5 Podcasts To Become A Real Estate Investor

The availability of many real estate podcasts is excellent news for real estate investors in general. To select the most appropriate podcast for your learning requirements, you will need some assistance sorting through the available options. According to Zach Lantelme, the type of real estate you are investing in is essential to consider when searching for an excellent real estate podcast real estate services specialist at Evolve Vacation Rental in Denver. Once you have decided on the sort of real estate you are interested in, Lantelme recommends searching for community forums where like-minded people may share their ideas. Here are some of the top podcasts that may assist you in learning all you need to know about the components and advantages of real estate investment.

The Rental Income Podcast

Dan Lane, an experienced rental property owner, hosts a podcast in which he interviews other rental property investors to learn their secrets. During his research, he spoke with over 200 property owners who shared their stories of how they got started, developed their portfolio, and what they do to attain and sustain success. This podcast is a terrific resource for both new and seasoned rental property owners and anybody interested in learning more about the power that rental property possesses. It is capable of bringing proprietors success.

Freakonomics Radio 

Learning to start a real estate investment should not be all work and no pleasure, as it should not be too difficult. Also worth listening to is this famous podcast presented by Stephen Dubner, co-author of the best-selling book Freakonomics, which has enough content to keep you amused and engaged as you learn about how financial incentives play a part in everything we do. With topics ranging from an in-depth examination of what Olympic cycling and Renaissance art have in common to the psychological consequences of storytelling, this quirky and intriguing podcast will have you smiling while helping you become a more well-rounded and knowledgeable investor.

Keeping It Real is a television show that focuses on real estate agents in the field and the strategies and tactics they use to succeed. A range of episode formats is available, ranging from conventional interviews to brief market observations, all of which bring value to listeners of diverse backgrounds. Even though you developed the podcast to showcase brokers in the Chicago region, the high-quality content is relevant regardless of the market in which you are active. Keep in mind that it is critical to establish relationships with experts from all business sectors. Being familiar with the tasks and responsibilities of various jobs will offer you an advantage in developing contacts in the industry.

Marketing with social media

Finding out where your leads will come from is one of the most difficult challenges that many people just starting in the real estate industry encounter. This extensive resource, provided by the guys over at Social Media Examiner, serves as a one-stop-shop for everything related to social media marketing and management. If you have a query about social media marketing, there is a good chance you will be able to find an answer anywhere in the blog’s extensive history.

Smart Passive Income

When you are a first-time real estate investor, it might be tempting to put all of your eggs in one basket and assume that real estate will provide you with all of your future income. The Smart Passive Income podcast, presented by entrepreneur superstar Pat Flynn, demonstrates that passive income may come in various forms and amounts. This no-nonsense, upbeat book, which has received more than 11 million downloads, is the ideal road map for building up processes and assets that will allow you to earn passive income without having to work 40 hours a week on your business. The best part is that Flynn discusses his passive income outcomes, both positive and negative. You should listen to this podcast if you want to get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most successful people in the passive income sector.

The Motley Fool’s Money Show 

It is a weekly installment of financial information that is aired all around the United States, with the majority of the broadcasts taking place in significant areas such as Washington, D.C.; Boston; and San Francisco (among others). However, their self-described irreverent and fast-paced take on the worlds of business and investment has garnered this program such a committed and passionate fan base and audience. However, even if your investment approach is not mainly centered on Wall Street, this entertaining and instructive television program may provide valuable insight into current markets, as well as the psychological elements that affect them. In addition, with five different podcasts to pick from, you are sure to discover something that piques your interest.

As the most downloaded stock investment podcast, this is a must-listen for any investor serious about keeping up with the latest financial information. The presenters discuss the behaviors and characteristics of the world’s most successful investors, as well as how you might emulate their strategies on your own time. Regularly, the programs provide insights into various financial methods, ranging from real estate to gold. Because of the wide range of issues covered, this is an excellent resource for investors of all experience levels who are looking to diversify their holdings while also extending their understanding of the financial industry as a whole.

Listening to real estate podcasts might assist you in accomplishing this goal. There are many real estate investing podcasts available, with some of the most excellent real estate podcasts being highlighted here. It is possible to learn and keep informed about the real estate market by including these best real estate podcasts into your daily routine, such as during your daily commute to and from the office. Take note that podcasts are not just for novices; even the most seasoned and experienced investors may benefit from listening to podcasts as a means of continuing their knowledge throughout their careers.

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Discover Top Business Secrets from these 5 Podcasts

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often do everything on their own from marketing to sales activities. This means that they must educate themselves on all aspects of their business. Podcasts like the ones listed below can assist you in various ways, including providing business advice and practical suggestions.

The Goal Digger Podcast

If you think that work should not feel like work, Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, the Goal Digger, is the podcast for you! When it comes to helping small company owners achieve their wildest dreams, Jenna is the go-to expert. Jenna began her career and company as a wedding photographer and learned the fundamentals of operating a successful business. From her business success she started a podcast which now has over 250 episodes and a massive following. Jenna invites industry experts to talk about their experiences and teach her audience how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The Goal Digger Podcast covers a wide range of subjects, including marketing, productivity, money, and data analysis, all of which are covered in an easy-to-follow manner. Listeners will like the podcast’s laid-back tone and the host’s approachable suggestions. This is a podcast that you won’t want to miss out on!

Creative Rebels

David Speed and Adam Brazier present Creative Rebels, a podcast for creatives. The show’s goal is to encourage and assist the next generation of creatives in commercializing their abilities and gifts. There has never been a more significant moment than now for monetizing your true passions. David and Adam are here to show that there is nothing you can’t create a company around, whether it’s Morse code or chopsticks. Incredible individuals with fantastic tales about how they’ve made money from something that no one thought was feasible to monetize are invited to speak at the event.

Every week, one of the show’s guests joins the hosts to share their stories of accomplishment. With time, the presenters and guests uncover the road from recognizing monetizable talent to establishing a specialized market and creating a profitable company. It’s common knowledge that a person’s path to success is littered with setbacks and detours. It is both enlightening and relevant to read these tales of business success. You may glean a general notion of the subject and the visitor’s name from the episode title, but the description goes into further detail and introduces the guest in more detail. The average episode lasts around an hour.

The Frugalpreneur

Owning your own company is a common aspiration. However, the most frequent obstacle individuals confront is a lack of funding to get their project off the ground. That is where, the Frugalpreneurs, come in. This podcast, which Sarah St John started, teaches people how to create something from nothing. There are presently 121 episodes, all of which are devoted to teaching company owners – or would-be entrepreneurs – how to launch a new venture on a shoestring budget.

A typical episode of Frugalpreneur is between 25 and 50 minutes in duration. Many issues are covered in detail, from selling an online course to negotiating the price of a stay at Airbnb. This podcast is packed with tips you won’t want to miss out on!

Building A StoryBrand With Donald Miller

To help company owners better communicate their brand’s value proposition, hosts a series of seminars. The popularity of Donald Miller’s discussions prompted him to create a podcast for company owners to listen to free and network with other business owners who face the same issues and seek solutions. Podcasts like this one are popular with small-business owners who feel isolated from the rest of the world, and this one has recently passed the 150-episode mark.

This podcast may assist you in identifying your brand’s message and creating a narrative around it. The episodes are relevant by telling the tale of a business owner who found their distinctive message and incorporated it into an overarching narrative. Also covered are themes such as how to become a great leader, handle financial issues, take care of your emotions and mental health and enhance your company to its full capability.

The Agents Of Change

The Agents of Change is a digital marketing resource, conference, and weekly podcast all in one that helps small company owners discover their voice amid the commotion and translate their idea into a profitable business.

An industry specialist often joins Rich to delve further into the mysteries of a particular sector. Rich is well aware that a busy sole proprietor does not have the time to sit through hours of idle conversation to weed out the crucial details. With concise yet comprehensive responses, you may answer all your digital marketing-related issues in roughly 30-minute-long episodes.

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5 Incredible Podcasts to Become an Entrepreneur

Keeping up with new skills and knowledge is essential for entrepreneurs who want to succeed and stay in business in a challenging market. So, what can you do? You should listen to podcasts! It’s easy to listen to podcasts while driving to work, cooking, cycling, or even working out at the gym. You can listen anywhere!

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity. In a study by Convince and Convert, people who listen to podcasts listen to 7 each week. When it comes to business, the same is true. Many business podcasts have successful entrepreneurs and business leaders that discuss their experiences, ideas, and strategies. These podcasts are beneficial to anyone who wants to start their own business. To help you become an entrepreneur, we have put together a list of podcasts. Here are 4 incredible entrepreneur podcasts you should listen to in 2022.


Brian Clark is the host of Unemployable. In each episode you will receive expert training on how to build a successful online business. If you want to quit your 9-to-5 job then this podcast is for you!

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast. Pat shares his wins and failures with his audience to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes. He also teaches his audience how to create multiple passive income streams so you can have the life you want through financial freedom. You won’t want to miss this top entrepreneur podcast!

HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review’s editorial staff has a weekly podcast that features the best people in business and management. Each episode features insightful interviews with industry professionals, scientists, and journalists about a single topic or problem. Besides managing and marketing, this podcast talks about many other things as well. You’ll find these ideas and advice motivating, whether you’re just out of college or a senior manager.

The Strategy Hour

Find out how to grow your own creative business with practical tactics and helpful marketing ideas that you can use right away. A 6-figure online business can be done with the help of Abigail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams.

How I Made This

This is one of the best business podcasts for new entrepreneurs. Raz and his guests share their experiences while encouraging their audience to follow their dreams. You will hear exciting stories from businesses of all kinds so this podcast has a little something for everyone!

Top Podcast Wrap up

It takes a lot of hard work to become a successful business owner. Podcasts are a great way to learn from the best, and they are easy to use. Listen to these podcasts to get new ideas about how to grow your business!


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Become a Millionaire Real Estate Investor By Listening To These 8 Podcasts

With podcasts, you do not have to worry about taking in a lot of information all at once. You may broaden your real estate investment knowledge by listening to podcasts. To help you on your road to becoming a millionaire real estate investor, we have compiled a selection of top podcasts. 

A slew of new real estate podcasts appears every day, making it difficult for investors to determine worthwhile ones. The following is a list of the best podcasts to listen to in 2022 if you want to become a millionaire.

Real Estate Podcast BiggerPockets

The BiggerPockets podcast, hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene features frank conversations with a wide range of specialists in the financial world. Listening to the podcast, you feel like you are having a conversation with a group of close friends who are discussing their personal stories, disappointments, and lessons learned. This inspires or motivates people to keep moving forward in their lives. This is an excellent podcast for real estate investors since it’s packed with helpful information and tricks.

The Investing in Real Estate Podcast

An award-winning real estate podcast is ideal for novice and experienced investors to learn about passive income through investing. For the most up-to-date investment information, this is the go-to source. Clayton Morris, the show’s creator and presenter, thinks that investing in real estate is the most effective strategy to accumulate money and achieve financial independence. By learning from the mistakes of others, he hopes to be able to assist other investors in reaching their financial objectives. His shows encourage viewers to quit their 9-to-5 jobs and pursue a more lucrative career path.

Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing

The Lifetime Cash Flow through REI podcast, produced by Rod Khlief, an experienced and professional real estate investor, hosts a mind-changing podcast that teaches people how to become financially successful. He invites top property managers and advisers on his podcast and asks them about their successes and failures in the multi-family real estate industry and how they built their businesses. As a result, this podcast has the potential to transform your life!

Real Wealth Show

Listening to the Real Wealth Show is a great way to learn about real estate. An intelligent investor and the best-selling author of a best-selling book are behind it. She invites other well-known real estate specialists to contribute their own business experiences and thoughts, as well as her own, to provide her readers with a wealth of information about the sector. This podcast focuses on passive income, avoiding expensive errors, and developing a robust portfolio, among other things. You’ll gain knowledge about self-directed IRAs, 401(k)s, and private money lending, as well as how to set up a budget that allows you to live well. This podcast is for those who want to make a meaningful difference with their time and money by learning how to invest it wisely.

Real Estate Rockstars

In this podcast, Pat Hiban discusses innovative and simple investment techniques. He shares a great deal of his extensive knowledge in most of his podcasts. Listen to the Real Estate Rockstars, which is more than just a podcast. You will be exposed to enlightening ideas for generating revenue. He brings expert guests on each episode and can provide listeners with immediate takeaways. If you are seeking more than the basics, you need to listen to this podcast.

The WealthAbility Show

The most popular podcast for real estate investors is Tom Wheelwright’s, WealthAbility Show. He is a well-known public speaker and tax advisor. Wheelwright is Robert Kiyosaki’s tax adviser, which is why he is so famous. He has an ocean of information that he shares with his audience. This program is deserving of its high ranking. Guests include well-known stock market experts and highly regarded financial counsellors. They promise to lower taxes and give you back control of your money. You will learn exactly how to put the sound advice he gives you to work in your real estate investing endeavors. 

The Forever Cash Life Real Estate Investing

Listening to this podcast by Jack and Michelle Bosch is the best way to learn about investing in real estate. Jack has been a successful investor, author, and public speaker for many years. They have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge through land-flipping. Beginners and seasoned investors alike may learn a lot from these two, who have established successful investment empires from the bottom up. This is a simple example of a millionaire real estate investor making a million dollars in less than two years through hard work. They have acquired a wealth of information from over 4,000 homes they have purchased and sold. As a result, they will provide better advice on what works and what doesn’t.

Money Matters

Even though it concentrates on real estate, this podcast delivers comprehensive advice on how to save money through wise investing. Consider listening to Money Matters to see how it will assist you in shifting your perspective.

Real estate investing may be approached in several ways and using several resources. A slew of excellent real estate podcasts with top-tier industry professionals are eager to assist you in your quest for financial success. Use these podcasts to learn about investing and follow the experts’ recommendations to avoid errors and optimize your chances of profiting from your investments.


Alexa Seleno