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Why You Should Use a Podcast Booking Service to Book Your Podcast Guests

Why You Should Use a Podcast Guest Booking Service 


Podcasts are a creative and powerful way to communicate your message to your target audience and potentially grow your business. It can position you as an expert in your field and build a loyal listener and subscriber base. You get the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, and innovative ways you can provide solutions in a format many people prefer to consume. Your audience will see you as an expert, and you will be their go-to for their questions or if they need your services. A podcast guest booking service may be what you need!


Creating a podcast requires deliberate and careful planning and execution. You want your podcast to provide value to entice your target audience to continue to listen as you provide content and grow. Inviting guests to your podcast can provide tremendous advantages and add to your credibility.


You want to ensure your podcast guests are the perfect fit for you and your goals. Everything from your topic to your interview questions to your guests should be carefully curated to entice your target audience and make your podcast stand out. A well-thought-out guest list will provide entertainment and knowledge to you and your audience.

Here are some of the benefits hosting quality guests on your podcasts brings. 


Provides Fresh Perspectives and Keeps Things Entertaining – A guest on your podcast can provide fresh perspectives on hot topics related to your business or genre. Interviewing other experts, podcasters, authors, and creators can add dimension and provide new resources for your audience. You get to hear expert commentary and advice that will benefit you and your audience. The conversations you have with your guests can be informational and entertaining. You get a chance to better engage with your audience, prompting them to think and ask further questions leading them to be more excited for your next episode.


Book Experts in Your Field – Although the primary goal of your podcast is to solidify yourself as the expert in your field, your audience will find it valuable to have expert guests on your show. The knowledge and background with a perfect list of executed questions can provide your audience with immense knowledge and entertainment. Your guests can provide opinions and facts and help to debunk known myths in your field. A quality podcast guest booking service can help to book experts on your podcast. 


Grabs Your Audiences Attention – Many marketing efforts grabs your audience’s attention for short spans of time. Hosting a guest on your podcast makes your audience more likely to tune in and listen all the way through. You get quality time with your audience and provide them value with a quality guest. You will have profound conversations with interesting people that give your audience something new to learn without feeling like they’re listening to someone rambling. 


Reach New Audiences – Hosting guests on your podcasts will connect you with new audiences tuning in for your guest. If you can book people with a large social following, it results in a fan crossover and an easy introduction to their audience. You have an opportunity to create intrigue that will allow you to grow your network of listeners exponentially.


Foster Close Personal Connections – Hosting guests can allow you to foster strong relationships and create networking opportunities. Interviewing someone in fields you’re interested in or have a strong following can take your podcast further and potentially open doors for your career in the future. 


The quality of guests that appear on your podcast can play a significant role in expanding your listener base and subscribers to your show. The right guests can leave a good impression on your listeners and build a reputable name for yourself within your genre. Taking the time to find the perfect guests can be rewarding, but it also requires a lot of your time and resources. Without the right strategy, it can be a daunting task and prove to be difficult to book guests that provide value. 


Podcasting You is a comprehensive podcast guest booking service that helps you find quality guests that provide value to your listeners for you to interview. You will be connected with a robust directory of experts, authors, and other podcasters to be guests on your show. Podcasting You understand who your audience is and will curate a guest list that aligns with you and your audience’s values and resonates with them.


Want to learn more about podcast guest booking services? Schedule a free discovery call here:

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The Ultimate Guide to Podcast One-Sheets

The Ultimate Guide to Podcast One-Sheets

Podcasting means sharing meaningful conversations with the masses — discussing real estate, investing, finances, or other niche topics. Podcast hosts and guests utilize one-sheets to have the most productive and exciting discussions. This document is an industry norm that helps people on both sides of the interaction understand each other’s interests, backgrounds, and expertise. Here’s everything you should know about the importance of one-sheets in the podcasting industry: 

What is a Podcast One-Sheet? 

Podcast one-sheets tell a podcast host why they should choose you as a guest and which topics you can eloquently speak about. You should view it as your podcast resume! 


Unsurprisingly, a one-sheet is one piece of paper filled with brief information that helps steer conversations during a podcast. While these sheets will cover quite a bit of information, one-sheets shouldn’t seem crowded. The layout of compelling one-sheets flows seamlessly; podcast hosts and guests should have the ability to skim the sheet to find the subtopic they’re looking for. Here are the main components of a podcast one-sheet: 


  • Headshot
  • Bio
  • Suggested interview topics
  • Suggested questions
  • Social media/contact information 
  • Appearances on other podcasts (if applicable) 


Why Are One-Sheets Important?

If you’re a podcast host, would you want to invite a guest onto your show without knowing about them? You would be rolling the dice. On the flip side, podcast guests might not appreciate recording a podcast if the host had little to no information about them. It might not work well if a real estate agent randomly appears on a podcast without the host having any background information. 


One-sheets have become an industry norm because they help keep the podcast space organized and help podcast hosts choose the right guests to bring onto their show. 


Picture this scenario: a podcast host is trying to find the right guest for their podcast that gives financial advice. If the upcoming episode is about helping small businesses formulate strategies to reduce income taxes, how could they find the right fit without one-sheets? 


They could network. Or maybe they already have someone in their network. The reality is that most podcast hosts don’t want to spend time asking around for a finance expert (especially in this limited niche) willing to appear on their  podcast. 


It’s much more efficient for podcast hosts to find quality guests by reviewing one-sheets. In a matter of seconds, one-sheets provide all the essential information needed to determine which guest would be the best fit for that particular episode. 


What’s The Difference Between a Podcast Host and Podcast Guest One-Sheet? 

Everyone in the podcasting space needs to have a one-sheet readily available. So if podcast hosts and guests both need one-sheets, what’s the difference? 


One of the standard practices for podcast hosts to promote their show is to appear as a guest on other people’s podcasts. Even if you’re typically a podcast host, you should have a one-sheet readily available if you’re interested in hopping on another show to promote yourself. 


Potential podcast guests should have one-sheets to show podcast hosts that they can provide value in some way – whether that’s through sharing personal stories, ideas, expertise, or laughs. 


Simply put: podcast hosts need one-sheets to find the right people to contribute to their show’s value. If you’re interested in being a guest on a podcast, you should use a one-sheet to market yourself. 


How Do You Design a One-Sheet? 

There are six essential components in a one-sheet:


  • The headshot section
  • The bio section
  • The suggested questions section
  • The suggested topic question
  • The podcast appearances section
  • The social media/contact information section 


If you design a one-sheet independently, you’ll need to decide where to put each section on the sheet. Podcast hosts and producers want to see clear and concise one-sheets, but they won’t be interested in looking at a boring piece of paper. The information should be visually-appealing and digestible. 


Choosing the right headshot, layout, and colors is incredibly important. There’s not necessarily a universal layout or color scheme, but it should align with your brand. Since the primary purpose of creating a one-sheet is to market an individual and their brand, one-sheet designers typically use the principles of color psychology to determine the color scheme. 


What is color psychology, and why does it matter in marketing?

Here’s a valuable excerpt from Wordstream’s award-winning blog: “You should choose the colors you’re going to use in your branding and marketing strategically. The key is understanding color psychology and using the theory to your advantage. Color psychology is the theory that certain colors elicit a physical or emotional reaction and, in doing so, shape human behavior. Warm colors tend to energize, while cool colors tend to calm. The colors that you use in your branding, including your logo, and your other marketing collateral, evokes an emotional response in your audience, whether they realize it or not.”


What do you want podcast producers and hosts to feel when they view your one-sheet? Green is often used in the health industry to symbolize balance. Yellow symbolizes confidence. Orange is uplifting. Blue shows confidence. This list goes on. 


Can you guess why we used yellow for our brand’s colors?

Yellow is related to enthusiasm and confidence — the exact message we want to show potential clients wanting to get booked on their first podcast. 


Podcasting You has a mission to get real estate agents and investors publicity via the podcasting industry. Our one-sheet designer will collaborate with you to learn about your brand before crafting a one-sheet. We’ll design a one-sheet that represents your personality and unique career path along with matching your company colors. 


Don’t worry — all three of our packages include a customized one-sheet! You don’t need to worry about the design techniques yourself, but it’s helpful to understand the motive behind our team’s marketing decisions. We will collaborate with you to ensure we create an effective one-sheet that gets you booked. 


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Podcasts are one of the most effective ways to become a leader in your industry — whether you’re a podcast host or guest. If you’re a real estate agent or an investor who’d like to share your expertise on podcasts, unlock your free 15-minute discovery call to learn how we’ll get you there.

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7 Steps to Being a Great Guest on Podcasts

7 Steps to Being a Great Guest on Podcasts 

Since inception, podcasts have gradually risen to prominence as a strong marketing strategy. Knowing how to be a guest on a podcast is the first step to joining the moving train. There’s no better time to join this strategy either as a host or guest than now. Over 48 million people listen to podcasts every week in over 800,000 shows. This points to one thing; podcasts are here to stay and thrive. 

So if you’ve been wondering how those guests you admire on podcasts got those seats for themselves as guests, this guide will show how. 

Just take a deep breath and learn. 

7 Steps to Being a Guest in a podcast 

How to be a guest on a podcast is pretty easy and you can start by following the suggested steps below! 

1. Knowing your onions 

People don’t invite rookies or wannabes as guests for podcasts. They call on thought leaders, experts, leading minds, and generally, people who know their onions. So if you want to be a guest on podcasts, start by becoming better at what you do. Be the best if you can and you will be most sought after. Consequently, you’ll have an itinerary full of podcasts to attend.

2. Begin the search

Now that you’ve gone out of mediocrity into the elite class in your field, it’s time to search. Search for podcasts in your field. iTunes should be your first Port of call since it has over 250,000 podcasts and billions subscribing to them. Alternatively, a quick Google search on the top podcasts in your field will get you started. This way, you can compile a list of top podcasts in your industry and move on to the next step.

3. Study the Podcasts 

Now you don’t want to go there and mess things up for yourself and the brand you represent. Granted, you know your craft too well, but you have to learn the rules of this game. This calls for in-depth studying of the different podcasts you’ve searched prior to the interview. Take the time to watch them over and over again. Note the ones that are still active and accepting guests. Note the patterns and the ways things are done. Get a proper understanding of how the whole process works and stay ready.

4. Cold email the hosts

When you’ve sieved out the podcasts that are active with the right audience, you can then pitch the hosts. Since you’ve studied the podcasts very well, this will come in handy when pitching. Make it personal. Start by introducing yourself and move on to how you’ve been an ardent fan of their podcast. Highlight some of the features of these podcasts so the hosts know you are truly a fan. Then leave the bush and come clean with your intention to become a guest in their podcasts. Talk more on what you do and how it relates to theirs. Give them a sneak peek of how knowledgeable you are and then hope it pulls through. 

5. Use Mutual Friends 

You can be a guest in a podcast through recommendations. This path is even easier. All you need to do is ask your friends if they know people who are into podcasts in your field. If they do, ask them to recommend you. Recommendations work faster than pitching. In the corporate world, this is common and can also be applied here. “I know this guy, he’s great and trust me he’ll do an excellent job if you contact him” can prove to be successful! 

6. Prepare for an interview

When the host have accepted to have you as a guest in the podcast, an interview is certain. Both of you will have to agree on a convenient time to make it happen. Most of the interviews are done with Skype, so you get that ready. However, if in-person interview is possible, then you both can meet up and discuss further.

7. Go Knock yourself out

If you’ve got point 1, 2, 3 covered, then it’s time to go knock yourself out. Give it your best and make sure you are called again. If it’s your first time, then you know you have a lot of work to do. You’ll be making a first impression. Make it super because a second chance is highly unlikely for first impressions. 

If you are looking for some further guidance on being a podcast guest, we would love to connect with you! 


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8 Definitive Ways To Get Guests For Your Podcast

Ever been at crossroads on how to get guests for your podcast? Well, those crossroads are over! 


Pretty simple. The seemingly complex process on how to get guests for your podcast will be simplified here in eight strategies. 

How To Get Guests For Your Podcast

The success of your podcast, to a large extent, is hinged on your guests. Finding these guests aren’t uphill tasks if you have a strategy in place. Thankfully, this post has no other objective than to achieve that for you. 

Without further ado, let’s delve right into the meat of this piece. 

These are the eight ways on how you can get guests for your podcast:

Look Inwards 

Naturally, at the instant of a podcast idea, most people quickly set their eyes outwards prying for guests. But that’s counterproductive especially if you’re just starting. Look inwards; your internal network will undoubtedly have some excellent prospects that you can contact to set things in motion. Getting your foot on the door of the podcast and launching out to fish for guests will be tough on you. Your network will only make things easier. 

Plus when you start interviewing people you already know it will help to ease the uncomfortableness you’ll encounter during your first few interviews.

Venture Out 

When you’ve set things in motion with your close connections which include; friends and relatives, it’s time to go out. But where you ask?  – conferences, social events, high profile hangouts, and networking events. Look through Meetup to see if you can find any events that interest you. These environments can trigger a connection, and your next podcast guest is booked. It’s time to put on your social hat and get to work. 

When you’re at these events and hit it off with someone, ask them if they’d like to be a guest on your podcast.

Get Social 

Becoming a social butterfly and pitching friendly is a viable strategy on how to get guests for your podcast. However, you have to be selective. Look out for the professionals in your niche and engage them in exciting conversations that lead to an exchange of contacts. You could share a flight, train, bus or a table at the restaurant with them. Seize the opportunity. Engage them responsibly and make your sales pitch. Your potentials with this strategy are boundless. Again, it’s time to brush up your social skills.

Cold Email Them

Let’s say you are found wanting in the social department; you can be a genius here. However, this strategy can be employed by social butterflies as well. Cold emailing might seem like a long shot, consistency can guarantee results in the long run. Send a cold email to the professionals in your niche and pitch them. Let them know it will be a privilege to have them as guests on your podcast.

To start, provide details of the nature of your podcast. Include your would-be highlights and what you intend to achieve. Appraise their works in a positive light and let them know how big of a fan you are. Not everyone will respond pronto or even later. Keep going at it, and you’ll surely get the guests you seek. 

Create a dream list of 50 or even 100 potential guests and reach out to them. You’ll be surprised how many of them say ‘yes!’

Utilize Social Media

Social media connects the world. How to get guests for your podcast will be pretty easy if you deploy it adequately. For starters, you can become friends with your potential guests on LinkedIn and Instagram. Like their posts often and comment intelligently. This way, they start to associate you with positive things. When you finally message them, you would have laid the foundation for a smooth relationship. 

Join Groups Online 

Still on the social media strategy on how to get guests for your podcast, become a member of groups where you can find like minds. That way, you can find guests who will be willing to indulge you for an interview. Like minds attract because people are naturally inclined to love people who like what they like. These groups can be on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform where grouping is possible. 


Joining a mastermind gives you access to individuals in your niche, whether virtual or in person. This access can settle your next search for guest in your podcast. Membership can be expensive, cheap or even free. In the end, it’s a worthy investment if you go for the expensive option; it has higher chances of you meeting professionals in your field. 

Mutual Friendship Referrals

This strategy works like a charm. 


You look up the friend list of your guest and see if you can find mutual friends. When you do, you contact the said mutual friend and ask him/her for an introduction. When the mutual friend introduces you to your potential guest and project you in a positive direction, the whole process becomes easier. 

Even better is when you have a podcast guest and at the end of the interview, ask them if they know of anyone who would be a fit for the show.


A strategy is paramount to achieving success in any field. Applying these few could expose you to even brighter ideas. 

At Podcasting You, we love partnering hosts with top-rated guests. If you’re a podcast host, click here: to learn more about how we can partner you with top-rated guests for free!

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