Bryan is a real estate investor who served in the United States Military, serving both in Afghanistan and Iraq. Despite this all-consuming career, Bryan was savvy enough to realize that he should use his VA loan to its fullest potential. He purchased two-single family houses and a quadplex. Army Life quickly taught Bryan that if he wanted to continue investing in real estate, he would have to manage his properties from out of state. Today, while also being a real estate investor, Brian and his wife, Lana, run a real estate agency where they are ranked in the top 1% of agents out of 4,000. 

Topics Bryan can speak on: 

  • How veterans can take advantage of a VA loan to purchase properties  and the new rules under the Trump administration

  • How his first wholesaling opportunity ended in murder… YES, murder…

  • Why the riches are in the niches

  • How he and his wife have used their immigrant edge to become super successful 

  • How Bryan was able to make $100,000 on one deal 

  • How Bryan has utilized Airbnb to drive even more income

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