AJ is a real estate investor and self-described ‘Freedom Fighter’ who has built up a $100 million portfolio in real estate. It wasn’t until AJ became paralyzed from head to toe and placed on life support that he realized how important cash flowing assets was for him and his family. AJ speaks about how buying cash flow producing assets literally saved his life

Topics AJ speaks on: 

  • How to create a blueprint of wealth 

  • How to build scalable processes to compound your time and money. 

  • How to find, buy, and manage your own real estate portfolio. 

  • How he built multiple companies and how to separate your time from your money and expand your full potential.

AJ’s website: https://cashflow2freedom.com

AJ on The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show: https://joefairless.com/podcast/jf1497-leaving-insurance-sales-for-more-secure-real-estate-income-with-aj-osborne/

AJ on The Bigger Pockets Podcast: https://www.biggerpockets.com/blog/biggerpockets-podcast-286-13m-in-equity-from-one-deal-and-cash-flowing-despite-being-comatose-with-aj-osborne/

AJ on Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank: http://www.themichaelblank.com/podcasts/session149/

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