The success of podcasts is because they permit listeners to multitask and thus save time. Work can take up to ten hours every day for most of us. With only 14 hours left in the day, we still have errands to run, meals to prepare, sports to play, and focus on professional and personal development. You can now do everything at once with podcasts.

Because most early syndicators do full-time jobs in addition to their syndication real estate business, listening to podcasts is sometimes the only way to stay informed and learn how to improve at the syndication real estate industry. We’ll list our picks for the top 8 syndication real estate podcasts in this article. 

  1.     The Real Estate Syndication Show

The Real Estate Syndication Show is a seven-day-a-week podcast in which Whitney Sewell interviews some of the most popular syndication real estate companies. The show got created to assist active investors in understanding how the syndication real estate business works. It helps passive investors in determining where to invest when diversifying into real estate. Anyone interested in learning more about passive investing and real estate syndication must listen to this podcast. 

  1.     Old Capital podcast

The Old Capital podcast got produced by some of the top commercial real estate professionals. As a result, it is a valuable source of information and best practices for syndication real estate. Furthermore, it is appropriate for both novice and experienced syndicators, and it provides excellent instruction and expert advice. Paul Peebles and Michael Becker, the podcast hosts, have extensive knowledge in all phases of the transaction process. Paul and Michael host a series of interviews with active real estate investors. They share their guidance on how to get started with real estate syndication, as well as frequent mistakes made by first-time syndicators. 

  1.     BiggerPockets Podcast

The hosts provide crucial resources and materials to their members. They also assist them in learning new skills, connecting with partners, and finding deals and finance. BiggerPockets will become your go-to resource for gaining the knowledge you need to make the best investing decisions possible if you’re an early syndicator. The BiggerPockets Podcast gets hosted by David M. Greene and Brandon Turner.

David has over ten years of real estate investing experience and is the author of one of Amazon’s best-selling real estate investing books. This podcast gets geared toward newcomers. Therefore, early syndicators will learn a lot about single-family and multifamily syndication real estate. Using their search engine, you can rapidly find syndicated and multifamily-related programs.

  1.     Keeping it Real-Estate 

Dan Brisse and Mike Roeder host the Keeping it Real-Estate Podcast. Granite Towers Equity Group is where they both work as Administrators. Michael has been investing in real estate for about a decade, and Dan is doing so for nearly four years. The podcast is jam-packed with helpful information for both new and seasoned real estate investors.

We particularly like the episode in which Tim discusses the tax benefits of investing in multifamily real estate. Numerous early syndicators will consider this episode beneficial because we get queries about tax advantages on Facebook pages and real estate platforms. 

  1.     Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate

 This podcast gets hosted by Gary Lipsky, Kyle Mitchell, and Lalita Mitchell. The trio is Managing Partners at a reputable firm and has considerable investing experience in multifamily syndication real estate. For an amateur syndicator, the podcast episode “Syndication 101 with Vinney Chopra” will be helpful. Vinney discusses how to get started in the syndication business. You will understand how to get your initial deals and develop strong bonds with listing brokers to buy off-market assets. 

  1.     The Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Podcast

Rod Khleif, the syndication kingpin, hosts this program. He had everything. In 2008, he lost $50 million in real estate. He got evicted from his mansion, as well as his Mercedes. When it comes to single-family houses, he learned from experience how quick it is to lose everything. As a result, Rod decided to launch his podcast to share his story and help others avoid making the same mistakes he did. Assume you have a full-time job and are starting your syndication real estate business.

In that case, episode 525 is a must-listen. Powel Chee is a multifamily expert. He explains how he became a general manager and syndicator in 1000+ units while juggling a new infant, a full-time job, and a hectic schedule. Powel outlines how to recruit your first partners and create your team, measure success, and what compromises most newbies should expect to make.

  1.     The Multifamily Investing Show with Michael Becker

Old Capital’s Michael Becker not only hosts the Old Capital Podcast, but he also launched his solo show in December 2020. Michael has produced ten episodes so far, each focused on a different element of the multifamily industry. The sixth episode, “Hard-Earned Lessons from Nearly 40 Years in the Multifamily Business,” is perfect for early syndicators. 

  1.     Think Realty Podcast

Abhi Golhar, the host of this podcast, is a seasoned real estate investor. He has approximately two decades of experience in the real estate industry and is a specialist in benchmark markets. Abhi has amassed and maintains a sizable investment portfolio in the Southeast United States. We think episode 172, “What Purpose Feels Like,” is particularly inspiring for early syndicators. 

It can help those who may feel overwhelmed and demotivated because of the workload. Instead of focusing on collecting your next dollar, this episode will help you go back to your roots and reexamine your “why” for real estate investment. This episode also discusses essential subjects such as data-driven decision-making and digital solutions that assist investors in becoming more efficient.


Are you prepared to start investing in real estate? We’ll make things simple for you! Our collection of some of our favorite podcasts will help you become a savvy syndication real estate businessman.