7 Steps to Being a Great Guest on Podcasts 

Since inception, podcasts have gradually risen to prominence as a strong marketing strategy. Knowing how to be a guest on a podcast is the first step to joining the moving train. There’s no better time to join this strategy either as a host or guest than now. Over 48 million people listen to podcasts every week in over 800,000 shows. This points to one thing; podcasts are here to stay and thrive. 

So if you’ve been wondering how those guests you admire on podcasts got those seats for themselves as guests, this guide will show how. 

Just take a deep breath and learn. 

7 Steps to Being a Guest in a podcast 

How to be a guest on a podcast is pretty easy and you can start by following the suggested steps below! 

1. Knowing your onions 

People don’t invite rookies or wannabes as guests for podcasts. They call on thought leaders, experts, leading minds, and generally, people who know their onions. So if you want to be a guest on podcasts, start by becoming better at what you do. Be the best if you can and you will be most sought after. Consequently, you’ll have an itinerary full of podcasts to attend.

2. Begin the search

Now that you’ve gone out of mediocrity into the elite class in your field, it’s time to search. Search for podcasts in your field. iTunes should be your first Port of call since it has over 250,000 podcasts and billions subscribing to them. Alternatively, a quick Google search on the top podcasts in your field will get you started. This way, you can compile a list of top podcasts in your industry and move on to the next step.

3. Study the Podcasts 

Now you don’t want to go there and mess things up for yourself and the brand you represent. Granted, you know your craft too well, but you have to learn the rules of this game. This calls for in-depth studying of the different podcasts you’ve searched prior to the interview. Take the time to watch them over and over again. Note the ones that are still active and accepting guests. Note the patterns and the ways things are done. Get a proper understanding of how the whole process works and stay ready.

4. Cold email the hosts

When you’ve sieved out the podcasts that are active with the right audience, you can then pitch the hosts. Since you’ve studied the podcasts very well, this will come in handy when pitching. Make it personal. Start by introducing yourself and move on to how you’ve been an ardent fan of their podcast. Highlight some of the features of these podcasts so the hosts know you are truly a fan. Then leave the bush and come clean with your intention to become a guest in their podcasts. Talk more on what you do and how it relates to theirs. Give them a sneak peek of how knowledgeable you are and then hope it pulls through. 

5. Use Mutual Friends 

You can be a guest in a podcast through recommendations. This path is even easier. All you need to do is ask your friends if they know people who are into podcasts in your field. If they do, ask them to recommend you. Recommendations work faster than pitching. In the corporate world, this is common and can also be applied here. “I know this guy, he’s great and trust me he’ll do an excellent job if you contact him” can prove to be successful! 

6. Prepare for an interview

When the host have accepted to have you as a guest in the podcast, an interview is certain. Both of you will have to agree on a convenient time to make it happen. Most of the interviews are done with Skype, so you get that ready. However, if in-person interview is possible, then you both can meet up and discuss further.

7. Go Knock yourself out

If you’ve got point 1, 2, 3 covered, then it’s time to go knock yourself out. Give it your best and make sure you are called again. If it’s your first time, then you know you have a lot of work to do. You’ll be making a first impression. Make it super because a second chance is highly unlikely for first impressions. 

If you are looking for some further guidance on being a podcast guest, we would love to connect with you!