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Trevor Oldham 0:47

Hey, everybody, this is Trevor Oldham. I’m the host of the real estate investing exposure podcast for the last four years I have run a company called podcasting you podcasting. You is a podcast booking agency where we help real estate investors raise capital and generate more brand awareness and create more networking opportunities through the power of going on other people’s podcasts because I’ve worked with hundreds of different real estate investors that include multifamily mobile home park Self Storage wholesalers, flippers, 1031 specialists, CPAs attorneys, you name it, we have probably worked with them and through working with our clients. And after having hundreds of calls with them and just learning about their business and having them work with our company. I’ve been able to get an inside scoop on how they’ve been able to grow their business through the power of podcast guesting whether that is looking to raise capital, whether that is looking to get more brand awareness or just to meet other podcast hosts. And the reason that I am wanting to start this podcast is I want to interview these real estate investors so that you can hear firsthand how you can grow your real estate business, especially if you’re going out there and you’re starting off in the space, perhaps you have a good deal and you aren’t sure how to raise capital, perhaps you’re in the process of raising capital and you want to learn how you can market your company better or a deal that you have going on better. Or maybe you just want to learn a little bit more on the sales aspect of what it takes to be a successful person in the real estate investing space. And that’s the reason that I want to launch this podcast is I always listening to different real estate investing podcasts. And I love learning about people’s journeys. I love learning how they became successful in real estate, whether that was going through house hacking, whether that was going through purchasing a multifamily property, or commercial property, or even you’re going out there and having a couple 1000 ATMs even doing land investing short term rentals and just learning all the different aspects of how someone has been successful in real estate space. I find those fascinating, but I found that sometimes they may lack what it takes to really grow your business as a real estate investor, which is why I wanted to go out there and just start this podcast where the it’s gonna be an interview podcast, for the most part where I’m bringing on guests, these successful people in the real estate investing space. And I’m just talking to them person foremost on their journey. How did they get started in real estate investing? What was that initial drive on why they wanted to become a real estate investor. And as we get through the show, and as we get through the interviews, then I’m gonna hop into the sales and marketing aspect of their business. Because if they are super successful, there’s some point along the road, they had to do some sales marketing aspect of their business. And that’s what I want to pull away from these interviews that I’m doing with these guests who are super successful real estate investors that you can take it and you implement the strategies that they share into your own business. Now for myself, while I have interviewed hundreds of real estate investors, I haven’t done any real estate investing for myself, but I am currently looking to do my first house hack. I’m having all these calls with all these real estate investors and just learning the ins and outs of the business learning how they look at deals, learning how they market deals, learning cash flow purposes, and just everything that goes into real estate investing. I’ve decided I want to take the plunge, I want to start to get into real estate investing. And after talking to my clients after listening to different podcasts, I feel as though house hacking is probably the best way to go. And for those listeners who may not know what house hacking is, it’s essentially either a buy a single family house and rent out the bedrooms and you live in one of the bedrooms. That’s a possibility for myself, it probably wouldn’t work. It’s not something that I would feel 100% comfortable with. I remember I was in college, I transferred colleges after about two years, I was living in a dorm room with about six other students that I had never met before. didn’t really enjoy that. I remember someone had dropped out in November and the semester ended December. There’s someone that moved out in April the semester ended in May and new people are always coming and going and I didn’t enjoy that process. I’d rather have a separate unit which another house hacking strategy is you buy a two three or four family you live in one of the units you rent out the other units and let’s say as an example, here’s a property that I was looking at tonight that I’m hoping to tour this upcoming week had was a two family one unit is being rented out for 17 $100 a month. The other unit is being rented out at $1,000 a month those two combined 20 $700 A month after putting 5% down when you’re including property taxes PMI, mortgage principal and interest on the house, it’s about I think it’s 275,000. The mortgage principal property taxes, PMI, all that good stuff comes out to 15 $100 a month. So I figured that I would look into purchasing the property, I would see what the lease is up on the tenant and the unit that’s paying $1,000 a month to see if it’s possible to have them move out that I would want to move into that unit. And then looking at that, where you have that one year that’s paying 17 $100 a month in rent, it’s a four bedroom, I think for the area that I’m looking at, it could probably be a little bit higher and rent just given that it’s a four bedroom for 17 $100. I haven’t done comps, but it seems pretty cheap for the year could have to do some due diligence on that. And then our pay the mortgage, 15 $100 a month right there, I’m paying between myself, my fiance, right now we’re paying 17 $100 a month for our apartment, that’s $850 a month I save plus the $200 coming in for cash flow every month from that tenant from covering the mortgage. And I just it makes total financial sense. I know the other graph, you’re gonna have to account and capital expenditures, maintenance, all that good stuff that comes with owning a property. But that’s just an example of house hacking. And that’s what I’m looking to do for my personal real estate strategy. So the reason that I go into those details, and the reason that I share with you that is on these podcasts interviews is I’m going to be talking to these real estate investors. And sometimes I just have questions that I’m just curious about from my standpoint of being someone that wants to start get started in real estate investing. But I also know that when you’re putting down a down payment on a property can be, especially with closing costs a little bit cheaper of a property, and we’re still talking about $10,000 or more, and I try to live somewhat of a frugal lifestyle and $10,000 is quite a bit of money. So I want to make sure that I’m investing that money, I am doing it right. So a lot of times I’ll be talking to the real estate investors on that are coming on to the podcast again, not only about how they got started the sales and marketing aspect of the business, but I’m also drawing in, from my experience from someone who’s just getting started in real estate and starting to look at properties and just learning from them and ask them questions that goes through my mind such as how do you raise the rents? How do you make sure that it’s a value add property and everything that just goes into becoming a successful real estate investor. That’s really why I started this show. And so I’m hopeful that you will find some value out of it. If you do sign some value out of it or love it. If you subscribe to the podcast, leave us a five star review on iTunes. If you ever have any questions, any feedback, feel free to reach out to myself, Trevor at podcasting. that’s Trevor at podcasting, y o And then for each episode that I’ve recorded, there’s going to be a full Show Notes section on our website. Again, that’s And it will you’ll go right on our website, you’ll see a podcast section you’ll click that and that will be a link to all of the interviews. Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy the podcast.